THIS week I have been chatting with cyclist Marie Lynn of the newly-formed North-East based Boompods EDCO Velo 8 team 

Matt: Why do you cycle?

Marie: I was introduced to cycling at the age of six when my parents took me to local club Hetton Hawks because my brother wanted to start and they thought it was a good ‘cheap sport’ to join at only £2 a session – they had a lot to learn!

I didn’t really enjoy it because I hated the cold and at the time there was not many girls, I preferred to sit in the car and watch with a hot chocolate.

I didn’t really go back to it until it was suggested that I should try triathlon because of my running and swimming. So in 2011 I started triathlon, but after four years I decided cycling was the best discipline with a much friendlier atmosphere.

In 2017, I joined EDCO continental after a successful 2016 cross season winning the Women’s CXNE series as a first year junior and placing top 15 in the women’s national series races. I found road a much bigger jump, but have enjoyed the challenge of riding national women’s road races in 2017 gaining experience in the women’s peloton. I hope to build on this in the 2018 season riding for Boompods EDCO Velo 8

Matt: What do you ride?

Marie: I race cyclocross and road and occasionally ride track and MTB but only for fun. Cyclocross is my favourite discipline because I love the friendly atmosphere – everyone is so nice and supportive. I love the fact that no course is ever the same and conditions on a course can change from lap to lap which adds to the excitement. This season I will be riding the Bergamont Grandurance CX team which I absolutely love.

Matt: Tell me about your favourite route?

Marie: I have set routes that I regularly ride but I don’t think I have a favourite route. I like a little adventure and exploring and riding new routes. Even though I will almost never turn down a coffee and cake on a ride, I think it’s more about the people I ride with that makes riding enjoyable. I have some great friends that it doesn’t matter where you ride you know you will have a good time and a right laugh!

Matt: Tell me about your best cycling memory?

Marie: My best cycling memory is from a holiday in France a couple of years ago. Three families rode five 'cols' over 70 miles with the two people who didn’t cycle following in a car on ‘cowbell duty’. We managed to pick up a local who joined us for most of the ride who only intended on going out for an easy ride! We had a great time and to finish it off we had a refreshing post ride swim in Lake Annecy and a homemade paella – what more do you want?

Matt: What do you consider your most important piece of cycling equipment?

Marie: Without a doubt it is my Rapha jacket - after my helmet of course! I saved up my race winnings a couple of years ago and splashed out on a jacket and it was definitely money well spent. An essential for the cold winter rides keeping me toasty warm.

Matt: If you could cycle anywhere where would it be?

Marie: I’m lucky to have ridden some of the most famous climbs in the French Alps and loved it! So I would probably say somewhere in the French mountains. Although as long as it was somewhere close to hills, with some good off-road trails and a short ride away from a bakery, I would be in my element.

Get in touch: You can follow Marie on Twitter @marie___lynn on Instagram at marie_lynnx or follow the team @EdcoConti or on Facebook by searching for Boompods EDCO Velo8