AS we head into September, wedding season is starting to wind down, but if you've been honoured with the role of bridesmaid for a newly-betrothed friend or family member, you'll already be thinking ahead to next summer's nuptials and, more specifically, to what you'll be wearing.

Most brides-to-be don't insist that all their maids are matching these days, so you'll probably be given a theme or colour brief - but with wedding costs spiralling (the average couple spent £30,000 on their Big Day in 2018, up from £27,000 last year, according to, chances are you're going to be on a strict budget. That means you need to find a dress that: a) is appropriate for the venue, b) is the right colour, c) meets the bride's approval, d) isn't too expensive, and e) last but not least, that you actually like.

An impossible task? That might seem to be the case - especially if you've got a bridezilla on your hands - but it's really not if you know where to look. The high street is full of gorgeous gowns that are dramatic enough for a walk down the aisle of a grand church, as part of special bridesmaid ranges and in seasonal collections.

Little Mistress and Chi Chi have both got extensive ranges for under £100, while Oasis has just launched a new bridesmaids line with all gowns priced at £150 or less. If you don't need a floor-lengther, look to brands that excel in elegant occasionwear, like Monsoon and Very, where you can find knee-length and midi dresses that are chic and modern.

From lace-covered pastel numbers, to sparkly and silky gowns, these are the kind of dresses you'll be dying to wear again - for a black tie do, or when you're the guest at another wedding - but they're not so sexy that they'll pull focus from the blushing bride. And they certainly won't break the bank. Here, we've found some beautiful bridesmaid options for under £100...