A UNIQUE magazine-style website has launched an online store to give readers better access to ethical independent brands. Noa Vee is the brainchild of Newcastle Universtiy student and social media influencer Beth Fuller, who created the platform to celebrate beauty and diversity in women. Now she has extended the site to include an online shop which will sell a selection of clothing, jewellery, homeware, beauty and skincare products sourced from some of the world’s leading ethical manufacturers.

Beth, 21, set up Noa Vee as an Instagram page in 2016 to celebrate honest beauty in women and attempt to redefine beauty standards. The account now has more than 11,000 followers, and its success led to the creation of the website, giving her a bigger space to explore photography, features and interviews with industry leaders and ethical brands.

Her online shop showcases some of the world’s most exciting brands, including By Sarah organic skincare, and Jemimasara, a fashion brand which promotes self-love and confidence in women. She is also the UK’s only supplier of Halo Labels, an exciting and innovative brand which creates gauze clothing using medical pure cotton. “The idea behind Noa Vee was to look at the political agenda and not just beauty as a superficial notion,” she says.

Beth, who is studying English Literature at Newcastle, hopes to grow the website further over the next 12 months. “The initial idea was to dismantle beauty standards, but in recent months I’ve branched out further into other areas like the ethical clothing and jewellery. There are some incredible brands out there which really deserve to be seen by a greater audience, and I aim to make Noa Vee that place that gives them a platform."

W: noavee.co.uk

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