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Crime for Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Street-level crime and anti-social behaviour in from the Home Office.

To protect privacy, crimes are mapped to points on or near the road where they occurred.

Street name Crime type

Police station and neighbourhood policing team

Neighbourhood police station

Pilgrim Street Police Station
Pilgrim Street Police Station
Pilgrim Street Police Station
Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Open 24 hours

  • Telephone: 101
  • Email:

Newcastle Central neighbourhood policing team

Data temporarily unavailable - for more information visit the Northumbria Police website at

Newcastle Area Command has recently been restructured in order to improve the service we deliver. As part of this, the number of Newcastle neighbourhood teams, and the area which is covered by each of these, has changed.  Unfortunately a result of this change is that team data is temporarily unavailable through this website. >>> Up to date information on your local policing team can be found at <<<

About this neighbourhood

As well as having residential areas Newcastle city centre has a vibrant daytime and night-time economy, both presenting very different issues. The city is a hive of business activity during the day with shoppers flocking to the retail premises and commuters coming to work in the many businesses located here. At night the emphasis changes to leisure with the city being host to theatres, cinemas and music venues and of course the bars and restaurants which attract people from all over the country. We are also the home of Newcastle United Football Club and the Universities of Newcastle and Northumbria which are ever expanding, attracting students from a worldwide background.

The force responsible for policing and crime prevention in this area is Northumbria Police.

Messages and events

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