There can’t be any Made In Chelsea boys left who’ve proved they’re capable of keeping it in their pants.

This time it’s Sam Thompson who’s been a bit of a naughty boy.

Fran returned to the show to admit she was the one who’d slept in Sam’s bed, and revealed that he’d tried it on with her, despite dating Lucy’s sister Tiffany.

It all came out over lunch, as it emerged that Sam had tried to kiss Fran and then attempted to cover his tracks, phoning her the next day to warn her not to tell anyone. To make matters more complicated, she’d told Binky, and Sam then warned Binks to keep quiet too – much to Lucy’s dismay.

It’s fair to say no one is impressed by Sam’s sketchiness.

In true Chelsea style, everyone dropped their plans/jobs (if they had one) at a moments notice to go and stay in a castle in France. Binky got the Lucy Watson death stare for not being honest with her before Fran was later torn apart by Binky for stitching her up.

Meanwhile the most random group of people went out for a drink – Steph, Josh, Tiffany and Alex. Of all people to give relationship advice to Tiffany, Alex felt qualified.

It looks like the lovebirds might have sorted it all out though, but Tiffany wants Sam to get back into her sister Lucy’s good books. Ha, good luck Sam.

Meanwhile Louise is getting annoyed that her ex Andy and boyfriend Alik are mates. And Rosie is being as irritating as ever.

And Louise pre-tty much told Lucy she’d end up alone.

Of course Mark Francis and Victoria had their weekly scene. Victoria can’t stand people that drink tea out of “mugs” or Christmas jumpers with flashing lights. Mark says a jumper with a battery pack is as bad as being a battery chicken.

Yep, we’re confused too.