“DESPITE the inclement weather of late, there have been some encouraging signs both that spring might be around the corner and of growth in the local housing market, particularly in the Consett area, where I have been valuing homes now for almost ten years,” said JW Wood’s Consett sales manager, Alex Broadfoot.

“When I first came to the ‘Red Dust Town’ in August 2008, the market was already taking a dramatic turn for the worse, and the following three years were tough. That time was characterised by many valuation appointments in which I was the bearer of bad news about the likely drop in the value of whichever house I was visiting – particularly if it was situated on one of the then ‘new’ estates around Consett, built when the market had been booming and prices seemed destined to climb forever.

“Almost ten years on I am delighted to report that it is becoming quite a different picture in this former mining, iron and steel town, as we have started to see the value of certain properties matching and, in some cases, even exceeding previous peak-market levels!

“It is certainly a much more enjoyable experience, for all concerned, to be able to spring a pleasant surprise on our potential clients when I discuss the possible price of their home – along with the much-improved prospects for the speed of agreeing a sale – in what seems to have become more of a ‘seller’s market’ once again.

“Demand for houses in and around Consett – particularly semi-detached and detached – appears to be stronger than at any point in the last decade, with some considerable investment and improvement in the town over recent years having no doubt helped to increase its appeal.

“To achieve the best price when selling a property, it is still crucial to get the right advice and to use an agent with expert knowledge of the local area and current market conditions.

“We would be delighted to assist you with a free valuation of your home, with no obligation.

“Even if you’re just curious to know what your home might be worth today, please contact me and my colleagues at JW Wood on 01207 502109 or email consett@jww.co.uk.”