TEN years ago, this week, the Northern Echo revealed police officers were taking second jobs to boost their incomes.

The news prompted police unions to call for better pay deals after it emerged officers were earning money from a second career.

Andy Metcalfe, chairman of the Durham Police Federation, said: "I'm not surprised that officers have second jobs given the way we have been treated with our pay deals over the past couple of years.

"The starting wage for our more junior officers is not good compared to private industry.

"Officers need to keep the wolf from the door."

Also, that week, tens of thousands of people took to the streets for a record breaking Great North Run.

The 52,000 runners were set on their way by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, they raised about £10 million for charity.

Great North Run founder Brendan Foster said: "We have had some great races.

The women's race was a fantastic performance. Themen's race was great, too.

"We woke up this morning and the sun was shining, which was great news. We've had a pretty good day. "

The runners donned fancy dress, with huge bananas, Power Rangers and pantomime camels all crossing the Tyne Bridge on their way to the finish.

Meanwhile, the family of a 101-year-old dementia sufferer facing eviction were outraged.

The family of Sarah Rutter claimed the council were "placing a price" on her head.

They spoke out after losing their High Court challenge against Stockton Borough Council over her potential removal from Parkview Care Home, in Thornaby, near Stockton.

Mrs Rutter's granddaughter, Christine Wardell, said last night: "I can't believe they have put a monetary value on my nana's life. She is worth millions.

"If anything happens to her after she is moved we will be seeking legal advice. The council wants to close the home and turn it into accommodation for the elderly.”

Lawyers for the authority told the court that it was costing the council £7,400 a week to keep Mrs Rutter in the home, where she is the last remaining resident and is being attended to by 19 care staff.