1843: The News of the World was first published.

1868: The Midland Railway opened St Pancras station in London.

1880: The Edison Lamp Works began operations in New Jersey to manufacture the first electric light bulbs.

1890: Master of the monologue Stanley Holloway was born in London.

1908: Henry Ford introduced the model T car at a price of 850 dollars. Within 18 years, production techniques reduced that to 300 dollars. He is rumoured to have told customers, "You can have any colour you want as long as it's black".

1918: Arab forces under Emir Faisal, and including British officer TE Lawrence, captured Damascus from the Turks.

1969: Concorde 001 broke the sound barrier for the first time during a test flight in France.

ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Drone footage was released from inside Westminster Abbey for the first time, including a tour of the building's hidden attic.

BIRTHDAYS: Jimmy Carter, former US president, 94; Dame Julie Andrews, actress and singer, 83; Stephen Collins, actor, 71; Randy Quaid, actor, 68; Theresa May, Prime Minister, 62; Harry Hill, comedian, 54; Phil de Glanville, former rugby player, 50; Keith Duffy, actor and singer, 44.