FIVE years ago, this week, safety reassurances were given after nine people were arrested at Rihanna’s stadium show in Sunderland.

The disruption and drink-fuelled violence left some fans fearing for their safety and unable to enjoy the final 20 minutes of the performance.

One Rihanna fan, Kim Noble said: "I have been a season ticket holder at SAFC in the past and have never been as frightened at the Stadium of Light, even at a derby match.”

Paul Weir, SAFC head of safety and security said: "Naturally, with any event of this magnitude, there can be the potential for isolated minor incidents to occur.

"Safety and security is always our primary focus and any incidents on the evening were dealt with swiftly and comprehensively by the police and safety stewards.”

Following the Rihanna gig, the Stadium of Light prepared for its third and final large-scale summer concert, North East Live, where 11 acts performed including Saltburn-born James Arthur, Little Mix and The Wanted.

Also that week, two of the most premature twins to have ever survived celebrated their milestone first birthday.

Archie and Harley Garthwaite from Hartlepool were born when their mother, Hayley Kennedy, was only 22-and-a-half weeks pregnant – giving them both a very slim chance of survival.

Archie, who weighed 1lb 4oz at birth, could have fitted his mother's engagement ring around his leg. Harley was not much bigger at 1lb 6oz.

"I just never expected them to survive," said Miss Kennedy. "People wanted to come and see them, but I was like, no, there's no point because they're not going to pull through.

"But they're amazing – they're real little fighters."

Dave McLuckie, former chairman of Cleveland Police Authority, was told he faced jail after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

The then-52-year-old persuaded a friend to accept the points from a speeding fine on his behalf.

He denied the charge but was found guilty by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

McLuckie was vice-chairman of the authority when he broke the speed limit in 2005, and already had nine points on his licence. He feared a ban for reaching 12 points would scupper his chances of getting the top job.

Speaking outside court, McLuckie said he accepted the decision and declared his time in politics at an end.

And North-East housewife Susan Leak was shell-shocked after finding a spherical egg among her shopping.

The 48-year-old banned her family from cracking the rare find, said to be a sign of good luck.

She stored it in a plastic container for safekeeping. Mrs Leak, of Geneva Road, Darlington, said: "I have never seen anything like it. It looks just like a ping pong ball, except it is egg coloured."