THIS week 15-years-ago, gruesome remains were unearthed in the region.

In a field behind a hamlet, two male skeletons in a shared grave were discovered by workmen.

One of the bodies, which were found at Newton Bewley, near Hartlepool, had been beheaded, a medical examination revealed.

Robin Daniels, of Teesside Archaeology Service, said it was rare for archaeologists to come across evidence of violent deaths.

He said the two men probably died during a raid on a well-defended chieftain's settlement.

A pathologist's report into one of the bodies said: "The penetrating wound to the front of the skull may have occurred first, and appears most likely to have been caused by a projectile rather than hand-to-hand fighting."

Also, that week, heavy snowfall hit the region.

Police reported numerous minor road incidents due to the weather with the AA warning drivers to be extra careful when travelling.

Meanwhile, a couple raised more than £10,000 to help fund research into cot-deaths following the tragic death of their seven-and-a-half-month-old daughter, Julia.

Phil and Kath Burton from York continued to raise money after reaching the £10,000 milestone, and were determined to help find a cure for the mystery syndrome to prevent other families going through the same pain.

Fundraising started with the couple holding sales of bric-a-brac and soft toys which became so successful that, their car-boot sales became a fortnightly event.

Mr Burton also took part in a parachute jump for the cause and rode his bike from Land's End to John O' Groats.

He said:"It began as something we felt we ought to do and now it's become like a hobby really."