IT is 110 years ago this week since the whole region was engulfed in royal fever as communities celebrated the coronation of King George V.

The Westminster Abbey ceremony took place on June 22, 1911, and, to modern eyes, the Echo’s front page of the following day is deadly dull. It is filled with thousands of words and one small picture. At least inside there was a souvenir picture poster of the new king and Queen Mary, although it was above a fabulously inappropriate advert for Mother Siegel’s Syrup which apparently cured indigestion and biliousness. Did the new king and queen suffer from such ailments?

Another page tells how every town, village, even street across the region was celebrating the coronation. It is dense type and picture-free, but hopefully you will be able to spot how your local communities were joining the party 110 years ago.

Although the paper didn't have any local photos, over the years are our archives have acquired four fabulous images which show the great lengths our forefathers went to mark this royal event exactly 110 years ago…