TODAY'S From the Archive features a special selection of largely 1960s photographs placed in their 21st Century settings by photographer Jon Tait.

All of the old photographs feature in the new glossy Memories of Darlington magazine, which is currently available from all good newsagents (and The Northern Echo's Priestgate head office) in the town for £2.50.

Jon, deputy headteacher at Acklam Grange School in Middlesbrough who lives in Heighington, has taken the originals from The Northern Echo archive and cleverly tried to recreate the scene in its modern setting. For instance, today's main picture shows a September 1963 photo of Post House Wynd framed by today's view.

"This technique of 'taking a picture from the past in the present' comes from photographers across the world who contribute to the Dear Photograph website," he says. "I saw the website years ago, and have used it as inspiration to take my own photographs like this, recreating old scenes from a bygone era only in their current surroundings."

It is much harder than it looks. In one hand you have to hold and focus a cumbersome camera while you hold the other arm out-stretched while holding the old photograph and lining it up with everything from the kerbs to the roofs. There is no time to ponder how things have changed yet stayed the same in the course of the last 50 years – that's something to do now as we peer into the past...