IN these days of lockdown, when it is impossible to get out, quizes are back in vogue. So how many of our Memories questions can you answer - and how many of our pictures can you locate?

There are 89 points available, and the answers are at the bottom of this page.

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Picture round: The photos in the gallery above feature a St Cuthbert’s church somewhere in our area. A point for each location.

1. Who's that with the Queen in the picture above, and where was he born in the North-East? (2 points)

2. On September 11, 1902, what did Samuel Walton do at Middlestone Moor that made national headlines?

3. Which County Durham architect had Nemesius as one of his middle names?

4. On September 27, 1825, the opening day of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, what happened to Isaac Pease, 22, the son of Edward "Father of the Railways" Pease?

5. What was the name of the girl whose heart was broken by Bonny Bobby Shafto?

6. There's a line of black marble in Durham Cathedral over which who may not cross?

7. In which town was there a controversial pub called Tanya's Charms?

8. Gainford, Dinsdale, Croft-on-Tees and Shotley Bridge all had a what?

9. Which town is said to take its name from a Saxon called Deortha?

10. In 1720, in a mill in Durham City, Mrs Clements invented what?

11. Which seats did these MPs represent: Manny Shinwell, Harold Macmillan, Arthur Henderson, Hugh Dalton, Ellen Wilkinson, Ramsay MacDonald, Ian Wrigglesworth, Ossie O'Brien, Bonny Bobby Shafto, Gerry Steinberg (10 points)

12. In Northallerton, there's a pub called the Tickle Toby. What was Tickle Toby?

13. If you grasped the Sanctuary Knocker at Durham Cathedral, how many days sanctuary did you get?

14. There are two graves in the region of young men of who it is claimed that they were the inspiration for Charles Dickens' character, Smike, in Nicholas Nickleby. Which churchyards are they in (2 points)?

15. According to a plaque, what did "James Wilson of Pontefract, Builder, 1830" build?

16. The Sun Inn at Beamish Museum – where was it originally built?

17. Where will you find roads called The Slack, The Spital, The Sills, The Bar, Ugly Porch, Bone Mill Bank, Bleach House Bank, Zinc Works Road, Rumby Hill Bank, Wigdan Walls Road? (10 points)

18. Where is the Dabble Duck Industrial Estate and how did it get its name? (2 points)

19. Where is Anne Swyft Road, Nanny Mayor's Incline, Mary Wild Beck, Betty Watson's Hill, Nelly Burdon's Beck? (5 points)

20. What did Second World War airmen know as "Goosepool"?

21. Where was ROF59?

22. Who was the "Nightingale of South Bank"?

23. The last, and deepest, of the Cleveland ironstone mines closed on January 17, 1964. Where was it?

24. Where is Bland's Corner?

25. Where is Testos Roundabout?

26. What was built in 1844 in honour of John George Lambton (1792–1840)?

27. If Darlington was HN, what three codes would you associate with Durham? (3 points)

28. Gertrudespitze is a Swiss Alp named after which well known mountaineer?

29. Between 1965 and 1971, which Government department moved out of London to Darlington's Mowden Hall?

30. Sunter Brothers' haulage company was based in which town?

31. What was the name of the derelict nightclub in Commercial Street, Darlington?

32. Willie Smith, of Darlington, was a world champion at what?

33. Having first appeared in a British newspaper on November 2, 1924, what was first printed in The Northern Echo on January 1, 1963?

34. What sort of bulb were the Backhouse family of bankers renowned for developing on their Weardale estates?

35. On November 20, 1938, a fire burned down two factories in West Auckland, throwing nearly 500 people out of work. What companies occupied those factories? (2 points)

36. What did Astraka make at Shildon?

37. Where is Needless Hall?

38. Where is Rogermoor Farm?

39. John Stokoe, the naval surgeon who was responsible for the care of Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile on St Helena, developed a close bond with the defeated French ruler. In which churchyard is Stokoe buried?

40. In the Dene Valley, between Shildon and Bishop Auckland, what were "half-and-halfs"?

41. What is the name of the Roman road on which Leg's Cross stands?

42. When King Alfonzo XIII of Spain visited Darlington Forge in 1928, what was he given as an official gift?

43. In 1962, Tom Simpson, from Haswell, became the first Briton to wear what?

44. One of only three churches in the country dedicated to St Edwin is where in County Durham?

45. Only one church in the country is dedicated to St Eloy. Where is it?

46. There is a boar on top of Barnard Castle's coat of arms. Why?

47. On September 16, 1987, Margaret Thatcher made her famous "walk in the wilderness" in Thornaby. Which engineering company's closed and cleared yard was she walking through?

48. Shaw & Knight in Bishop Auckland made what?

49. "Staindrop who, from her sylvan bowers,

Salutes proud Raby's battled towers;

The rural brook of Egliston,

And Balder, named from Odin's son;

And Greta, to whose banks ere long

We lead the lovers of the song;

And silver Lune, from Stanmore wild,

And fairy Thorsgill's murmuring child,

And last and least, but loveliest still,

Romantic Deepdale's slender rill."

What is the title of this epic poem?

50. "'Kiss my babe for me" where the tender last words of who, who died on March 24, 1873?

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1: Darlington
2: High Etherley
3: Durham Cathedral
4: Our Lady Immaculate and St Cuthbert, Crook
5: Cotherstone
6: Chester-le-Street
7: Kirkleatham
8: Redmarshall
9: St Cuthbert & St Mary, Barton
10: South Cowton – Cowton means “Cuthbert’s town”
11: North Road, Durham

1. Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden. He was born at Windlestone Hall, near Rushyford (2)
2. He murdered his mother-in-law, 11 month old daughter and his wife. He was hanged.
3. Ignatius Bonomi
4. He died
5. Bridget Belaysyse, of Brancepeth Castle
6. Women
7. Richmond
8. Spas
9. Darlington
10. Mustard
11. Seaham, Stockton, Barnard Castle, Bishop Auckland, Middlesbrough, Seaham, Stockton South, Darlington, County Durham, City of Durham (10)
12. A racehorse
13. 37
14. Bowes; St John the Evangelist, Lynesack and Softley
15. The Gaunless Bridge, the world’s first skew railway bridge, Cockfield Fell
16. Bondgate, Bishop Auckland
17. Butterknowle, Yarm, Startforth, Richmond, Barton, South Church, between Great Stainton and Stillington, Seaton Carew, Howden-le-Wear, between Etherley Grange and Woodhouse (10)
18. Shildon – because Shildon Colliery was so wet (2)
19. Newton Aycliffe, Waskerley, Aldbrough St John, Cliffe/Piercebridge, Yarm (5)
20. RAF Middleton St George
21. Newton Aycliffe
22. Opera singer Florence Easton
23. North Skelton
24. A66/A167 roundabout, Blackwell
25. A19/A184, Boldon Colliery
26. The Penshaw Monument
27. J, PT, UP (3)
28. Gertrude Bell
29. Department of Education and Science
30. Northallerton
31. Zhivago’s
32. Billiards
33. Crossword
34. Daffodil
35. The Alligator Leather Company and Ernest & Henry’s button factory (2)
36. Fake fur
37. Toronto, near Bishop Auckland
38. Between Kinninvie and Eggleston
39. Kirk Merrington
40. Terraced houses: bottom half brick, top half corrugated iron or wood
41. Dere Street
42. A steel ashtray
43. Yellow jersey in the Tour de France
44. High Coniscliffe
45. Great Smeaton
46. It was the symbol of Richard, Duke of Gloucester (later Richard III), who was lord of the manor
47. Head Wrightson’s
48. White sanitaryware: sinks, urinals etc
49. Rokeby by Sir Walter Scott
50. Britain’s greatest female mass murder, Mary Ann Cotton