A FEW years after St Cuthbert’s Way, Darlington, was completed, John Hill was walking along that section from Freeman’s Place to North Road when an insecure load of pipes slipped off the back of Simmons’ low-loader and spread itself across the dual carriageway.

An Austin 1100 was pushed into the kerb by the tsunami of pipes. Fortunately, the driver was not injured and, fortunately, John had his camera with him (the younger generation may need reminding that once-upon-a-time, there were no mobile phones with cameras on them and it was extremely unusual for anyone to cart around a camera with them). As this was the early 1970s, the colour on the prints is a little ropey – but you can make out a spectacular array of lost buildings behind the action on the road.

Many thanks to John for sending them, and honourable mentions to Kathleen Wall, Dave Swan, Geoff Mansfield, John Waddleton, Elizabeth Goddard, Susan Jaleel, David Knowles, Graham Warr, Paul Bennett, Mark Cooper and many others who have also contributed to this article.

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