MEMORIES 410 included a wonderful picture of Durham's Saddler Street dressed up for the coronation of King George V and Mary of Teck on June 22, 1911.

It tied in with a booklet in the possession of Christine Watson, of Bishop Auckland, which tells how her town celebrated on that day with a programme of festivities in the Bishop's Park.

There was a fancy dress procession from the station to the Market Place, where a religious service was held, before the procession entered the park where there was tea and games for children and a tug-of-war for men (presumably the women just stood on the sidelines and applauded politely).

When dark fell, the town centre shops were illuminated in competition with one another.

Christine's programme contains lots of pictures of moustachioed male councillors who were being important judges on the day, but the adverts are really evocative of that time 108 years ago.

Are any of the businesses still going? Does anyone have any family connections with the businesses? Does anyone have any family stories, or even pictures, of the day? Any connections, or observations, please email