WEEKEND Memories in The Northern Echo featured a collection of old photographs from Gainford – only one of them wasn’t.

Valerie Tait identified it: “It looks very like Scruton, which has a former chapel, that is now known as Chapel House, next door to the Coore Arms,” she said.

Scruton is an unmistakeable place between Bedale and Northallerton.

It’s name comes about because it was once owned by an Anglo-Saxon called Scurfa; it’s church is one of only five in the country dedicated to St Radegund; the big land-owning family in the area were the Coores who built Scruton Hall in 1705 behind the church on the site of a 14th Century battlefield where the invading Scots were defeated; it is one of just 53 “thankful villages” in the country – villages whose soldiers all returned alive after the First World War.

So quite how the picture came to be in with the Gainford collection we cannot say.