THIS week Memories rediscovered an old album of photographs that some kind person gave to us many, many moons ago. The pictures aren't the best quality and the plastic in the album is getting so old that it has developed a sticky feel that is impossible to wash off your fingers.

But since we last looked at the album a decade or more ago, scanning technology has advanced so much that you just press a button on your programme marked "auto image correct" and, hey presto, faces appear out of the creeping sepia of old age.

This collection of photos is from Gainford in, we think, the late 1920s. The pictures seem to revolve around The Lord Nelson Hotel, which stood at the eastern entrance of the village, facing an interesting raised triangular green. The Nelson was built in 1745 and originally called the Bunch of Grapes. Its name changed in October 1805 to honour Nelson's victory at Trafalgar and stayed with it until the pub was converted into a private house in 2013.

So these are the people that drank at the Nelson and lived in the village. We know no more about the pictures than the sketchy details printed beneath each one. If you can spot any relatives or give us any further details on any of the pictures, we'd love to hear from you. Email