TODAY'S archive selection of photographs from The Northern Echo's library is rather a random collection of interesting images that we've being trying to find an excuse to use for some time now.

The first one in the gallery above is a good example of that. It had been mis-filed and came to light a couple of months ago, but we've had no reason to visit Victoria Road with our stories.

Yet it is too good not to use. Although it's a bit dark, look at all the life going on outside the shops on the left hand side. Parked in the middle of the street is a horsedrawn dray. It appears to be outside what is today a book and video exchange. What would it be delivering to? Indeed, when was the picture taken? There's no date written on it, but we'd guess at the 1930s. Certainly it was this time of year, judging by the snowy slush on the street corners.

If any of today's pictures trigger any thoughts or memories, or you can answer any of our questions or provide any further information, please do not hesitate to email