LAST week was a Hippodrome special as the Darlington theatre reopened after its stunning £13.7m refurbishment.

This week we have a postcard sent in by Norma Carr, from the Whinfield area of Darlington, which could well be the oldest known interior view of the theatre.

It seems to show the finale of a Scout-themed patriotic production that celebrated Armistice Day. At the back of the stage is a Britannia figure with John Bull beside her. In front of her are four allegorical figures, representing Mercy, Victory, Honour and Freedom.

Centre stage is a memorial dedicated to “our glorious dead” and at the front is a nativity crib scene.

Scouts of all descriptions and nationalities act as the chorus, although one of the most interesting aspects is the backdrop with oversize daisies which make the actors look like little fairies.

  • We reckon this picture was taken in the very early 1920s. Can anyone tell us any more about it?