If there's one recurring soap storyline that works from Erinsborough to Albert Square it's: who's the daddy? And in the latest trip to one of London's most depressing squares, (EastEnders, BBC1) a concerned Karen pushes Bernadette to reveal who the father is.

Meanwhile, Abi is stunned when Steven knocks her back. Lauren meets Josh and tells him she doesn't love Steven anymore, so the latter grows increasingly paranoid at her intentions. As Lauren prepares to leave Walford for good, it remains to be seen whether Steven discovers her plan and stop her.

Elsewhere, Kim is unhappy when Denise quits her job as Pearl's nanny to take up her job at the council, though she does agree to join her and Vincent on holiday. Just a shame Carmel doesn't cotton on that she's not invited.

Secrets, lies and sex tapes sounds like a movie from the 1990s, but it sums up the latest trip to Emmerdale (ITV) most crime-riddled region.

Laurel confronts Emma and is determined to find out the truth and is devastated when she hears Ashley's tapes have been ruined.

Pierce pleads not guilty, and the trial two weeks away, Rhona is shocked to discover his defence plan to use the sex tape as evidence. When Paddy checks on Rhona and they share a hug, that's usually a green light for some nefarious voyeur to take incriminating snaps. And sure enough they do.

Robert literally has money to burn. In attempting to prove to Aaron that cash doesn't mean anything, he throws a briefcase full of it on a fire. If nothing else, attempts to retrieve the smoking money leads to them making up.

Elsewhere, the choir members wind Harriet up about her relationship with Cain; Finn gets a job at Home Farm, and Faith upsets Pollard when she gives him a rape alarm.

In Coronation Street (ITV) Erica offers Kevin an afternoon of passion in a hotel, he's tempted, but eventually bottles it. Maybe there's hope for him and Anna after all.

Bethany is understandably terrified when an oblivious Sarah brings crooked copper Neil home. To make matters worse he then tells her to lie, again. The poor girl's a bag of nerves, so as her loved ones try to bring Nathan to justice, she begs them to let it go.

It's the end of an era for Liz as she signs over her share of the Rovers. But as the pub door closes, the medical centre door swings open, and her new job and battle axe boss soon pushes her to her limit.

On the first anniversary of Kylie's death, David is furious when he spots Billy helping Shona into No 11, and Eva is fuming when Aidan announces he is buying the kebab shop flat. Given his fling with Maria, it's a wonder Ms Price doesn't turn him into kebab meat.