LIKE oil and water, Lauren's work and Abi do not mix, as becomes apparent when Lauren prepares to assist Max in an important presentation in EastEnders (BBC One). Abi plots to cause trouble for Steven and Lauren by questioning the latter's behaviour, before skipping work to visit Lauren at the office.

Abi is left furious when her sister inexplicably insists on doing her job instead of keeping her little sister entertained, but is it Lauren's turn to act unprofessionally when Max questions her about her relationship with Josh?

Elsewhere, Carmel and Kim give Denise a spot of encouragement to apply for a position at the town hall, and the jobseeker soon does her best to stop the closure of the Community Centre. Alas, Carmel's reluctance to get involved leaves Denise wound up.

Thankfully there is a ray of sunshine in the slate grey skies for Bex when Stacey and Martin tell her they're expecting a baby. And would you Adam and Eve it? There's a new family in town, and you can bet the Taylors are bound to ruffle a few feathers in the coming weeks.

If Aidan can't decide what sort of cake he wants from Roy's Rolls, he probably chooses two of the best in the shop. That sort of greedy indecision also goes for his women, Eva and Maria. How will the latter react when ditzy Eva (still none the wiser, bless her) pops the question, and he says yes? (Coronation Street, ITV).

Well, that remains to be seen, but we can tell you that unhinged Daniel is still up to no good, especially when he buys drugs from Robert's old mate Rich, and winds up unconscious.

Poor Johnny is also out cold. He discovers he has MS, but doesn't want Jenny to know. Little wonder Kate is morally torn when she finds him collapsed and bloodied in his flat.

And while Billy prepares for the arrival of god daughter Summer, Alya and Kate have to find somewhere else to live as it looks like Liz and Steve are moving in to the Street Cars flat.

When Priya slept with Pete, it was bound to lead to awkward scenes (Emmerdale, ITV). And there are few more face palm-worthy than the moment Leyla invites Priya to move in with her and Pete. Little wonder Rakesh is fuming when Priya tells him she no longer loves him and has slept with someone else. Ouch.

Bent on revenge, Rakesh steals Priya's notebook with passwords to access the factory's bank accounts (we're guessing 'password' is one of them). Later Rakesh demands £50k from Ronnie and Lawrence to keep quiet about their part in the fire and framing Andy, but they wind him up further by refusing.

Meanwhile, Vanessa reminds a terrified Rhona she needs to identify Pierce to the police, while an oblivious Paddy meets with Pierce, tells him about Rhona and the drugs and begs him to return.

Elsewhere, Robert is uneasy when Rebecca comes back to the village and announces she's staying with Victoria, and Lawrence is interviewed on local radio, but who is the mystery caller that makes a shock allegation about him?

Teenagers have always been at the heart of Neighbours (C5), and they're usually getting up to mischief. That certainly happens this week when war breaks out at Erinsborough High - the students stage a protest, organised by Piper, who is rebelling against the changes introduced by Finn.

Elly also rails against him, and although Finn tries to fight back, the net around him tightens thanks to an investigation led by a local journalist.

Susan has a meeting with her superiors about a possible return to work, but suffers a dizzy spell during the interview. A mysterious substance is also to blame for a shocking turn of events.

Jack needs a helping hand after making a big decision, and Dipi is left heartbroken by the collapse of Shane's mower venture.

Life at the Rebecchi household seems to be settling down, but young Callum's visit is coming to an end - he probably can't wait to leave town after everything that's been going on.