WHAT would happen if Jesus were to meet with people in today’s world?

Would the writers of the four gospels have done things differently?

Riding Lights Theatre Company is marking the beginning of its 40th year with a radical re-telling of the good news. Gospel Street is a collaboration between award-winning writers, including rapper and hip-hop artist Testament, to create a powerful mix of theatre, comedy and spoken word.

Another generation is looking for answers - a rich young career girl, an angry gang leader, a charming church-goer, misfits, activists, crooked bankers, a surprising refugee and the bloke who bought himself seriously expensive jewellery. People who stood face to face with Jesus. There are anecdotes, bust-ups, blogs and posts. It’s a wild ride through issues of life, death and miraculous street food.

Despite their differences and social divisions, 140 characters want to meet one extraordinary person. Jesus has arrived on their street and he’s on the lookout for trouble – looking to do something about it.

Four young people - two women, two men - like the first evangelists, tell the startling story of what happened, just now, on that street. The result is a powerful mix of theatre, music, comedy and spoken word.

‘Riding Lights is doing what it does best: bringing everyone together to hear some of the good news with wisdom, laughter, energy and insight.’

  • Having opened in York in early October, Gospel Street is touring the UK in the run up to Christmas, finishing in York on 26th November, but stops off at St Francis Xavier School, Richmond, on Tuesday, November, at 7.30pm.
  • A full list of tour dates and ticket prices can be found at ridinglights.org/gospelstreet. Tickets are available from 07704 666648/07940 249293, or online at ridinglights.org/gospelstreet.