CIRCUS organisers are making an 11th hour plea to find a show-stopping pair of shoes after a clown’s bespoke pair was stolen.

Star performer Walison Muh, from Planet Circus, shed tears of a clown when his self-designed shoes were pinched from his dressing room.

The theft occured when the circus was at Scunthorpe earlier this month and was reported to Humberside Police.

Now, with a show about to open at Spennymoor, County Durham, Planet Circus OMG hopes a new pair can be sourced from the region.

Jo McMullan, who has works at Planet Circus alongside Walison, said: “It’s such a shame people felt the need to steal Walison’s shoes, they probably think it’s funny but it’s really not.

“The shoes cost over £300 as he helped design them himself.

“We would be really grateful if someone is able to make a pair similar so Walison can continue until the end of the season with his favourite clown shoes.”

Walison, whose shoes are a size 11 but appear to be a size 14 because of the style, said it can be difficult to find clown shoes, especially to match his outfits.

Planet Circus OMG presents its reduced-capacity show at Spennymoor, near Coulson Street, from Wednesday to Saturday, June 27. Tickets and info here

Anyone who can help Walison get back on his feet with some new shoes is asked to email or the Planet Circus OMG Facebook page.