A TEENAGE Indiana Jones fan who wanted a selfie with Harrison Ford was left bitterly disappointed after the movie star ‘flipped his lid’ and reportedly swore as he was approached by a group of autograph hunters.

The Hollywood legend is said to have lost his temper and unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade when he saw a paparazzi photographer who had been following him closely during his stay in the North-East.

The Northern Echo understands Ford’s management told fans he would not be signing or posing for pictures due to concerns over Covid safety as the 78-year-old falls into the vulnerable category.

The Northern Echo:

Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford chased by fans on Newcastle’s Quayside. Picture: NORTH NEWS AND PICTURES

Film student Chris Forster, 18, waited outside the Hollywood legend’s hotel in Newcastle for hours glimpse of his idol while he was shooting in the region last week.

Chris, who is studying creative film production at Newcastle College, said: “We had waited and waited. He got out of the car in front of the hotel.

“There was about eight of us in one line. We said: ‘we all just want one each’.

“He said: ‘I am not signing for any of you’.

“He said: ‘I am not doing any photos or any of that. None of it.’

“There was a paparazzi waiting and that is when he said: ‘And you can get the eff out of my way too, because I am sick of you’.

“He wasn’t in a good mood.

“He was going in the hotel shouting: ‘I am sick of all of these people getting in my way’.”

Chris said he was outside the Malmaison hotel on the Quayside where Ford was staying for 12 hours at a time in blazing sunshine on Thursday and Friday last week.

The Northern Echo:

Chris said Harrison Ford was not in the mood for meeting fans

Ford’s temper allegedly boiled over on Friday afternoon after a week of being pursued by fans and photographers keen on a shot of the notoriously private actor.

Tom Jefferson, a 27-year-old barman, who lives in Sunderland, said: “He would not sign and was not going to take photos.

“When we were stood in a line he was about to say something to us and then the paparazzi turned him and he blew his lid.

“He went ballistic and starting screaming at him.

“He had been following him all week so I think that is what has tipped him over the edge.”

Ford was in the North-East for the filming of the fifth film in the Indiana Jones franchise, 40 years after he first donned the famous fedora and leather jacket and picked up the bullwhip for the role.

Chris said he would not even pose for a picture with a 14-year-old boy who had travelled from Hartlepool to meet the icon who also played Han Solo in Star Wars.

Chris, from Newcastle, said: “It was later on and there was me and this one little fan waiting.

“He (Harrison Ford) got in the car, and I said: ‘Would you not just sign one for him then?’

“He completely ignored me and got in the car and drove off.

“I knew he wasn’t keen on getting photos so I took one of my Indiana Jones comics along hoping I would get his signature on it.

“I was pretty disappointed. I had waited for two days in a row for 12 hours at a time.”

Chris said Ford, now believed to be filming in Scotland, had been the most bad-tempered of the famous people he has met over the years.

The Northern Echo:

Chris with Only Fools and Horses star David Jason 

The Northern Echo:

With comic legend and intrepid traveller Michael Palin 

The Northern Echo:

And fellow Python John Cleese

The Northern Echo:

And Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth 

The Northern Echo:

The Muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme 

The Northern Echo:

Another day, another legend. With Van Morrison 

He has selfies taken with a galaxy of stars including David Jason, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Brian Wilson, Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Earlier this year he met another Hollywood A-lister, Tom Cruise, when he was filming in North Yorkshire.

The Northern Echo:

Mission accomplished, with Tom Cruise 

Chris said: “Tom Cruise was lovely. On the last day of shooting he came and said: ‘Everyone get in a line and get your masks on. I will get a photo with each of you’.

“He went through all of us, one-by-one, and had a little a chat with everyone.

“I have met quite a few famous people now, and Harrison Ford is the only one who has lived up to his reputation of being a grumpy sod.”

The Northern Echo has attempted to contact a spokesman for Harrison Ford to comment.