HOLLYWOOD actor Harrison Ford has reportedly asked fans to stop pestering him for selfies during his stay in the North-East.

Crowds have been waiting for the Indiana Jones star outside his Quayside hotel in Newcastle and following him when he leaves.

Many have not been wearing masks and the 78-year-old is said to have had a stern word with them on Friday afternoon.

The Northern Echo:

Indiana Moans

It is understood he left to go for a meal but was later pursued by a group of young men.

His stay in the region for the filming of the fifth Indiana Jones film has generated a lot of excitement among movie fans.

Ford, also famous for his portrayal of Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise, has visited popular local restaurants and been seen cycling.

It is understood he is now sick of the constant attention and concerned about Covid safety.

The Northern Echo:

Doing a (Blade) runner

It is rumoured left from the back of the hotel for lunch in nearby restaurant, Gusto, and then left through the kitchen to avoid crowds.

But fans caught up with him afterwards and it is understood he told those not wearing masks to leave and said he would not be signing autographs or posing for pictures.