STARSTRUCK fans have been ecstatic after finding out the worldwide sensation, Harrison Ford has been dining among the public in the North East.

Fans sharing their love for the Indiana Jones star have been publicly sharing their thoughts, with some friendly rivalry between towns.

Ford is currently filming at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland for the fifth instalment of the hugely popular series.

And it seems, the Hollywood star has not shied away from showing his face as he was yesterday spotted at The Ship's Cat in North Shields.

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Since then, social media has blown up with local residents, fans and North East members of the public chipping in.

'Harrison Ford is only 144 miles from me'

On Twitter, Stacy Ford said: "If you live in North Tyneside and have not woken up this morning thinking again about Harrison Ford was at the Fish Quay yesterday, your priorities are all wrong. 

Another fan, dubbed 'The Sting' said: "I woke up this morning thinking, Harrison Ford is currently only 144 miles away from where I live, so life isn't all bad. Good morning, everybody."

Some friendly-rivalry emerged between which of the 'Shields' was the better town.

Paul Anthony Jones said: "I can’t believe Harrison Ford is in *North* Shields, when everyone knows the best Shields is *South* Shields, man, what a town that is, that’s where all the really great people come from."

Ford's visit gets a mention on Lorraine 

But not everyone has had something positive to say - especially after ITVs Lorraine suggested North Shields was in Yorkshire.

Picking up on the blunder, Micky said: "Harrison Ford is in Northumberland and was seen in cycling gear in North Shields having a drink in The Ships Cat ! NOT YORKSHIRE."

Filming is set to continue as the Twitter account for Belvue, Holy Island this morning warned that smoke/fire may be visible, but that this is normal.

They said: "If look towards Bamburgh Castle and see smoke/fire, it is not a Viking attack, but rather the filming of the new Indiana Jones movie. Also, if you plan a day trip from the island to Bamburgh, the castle itself and main car park are closed."