Bombay Bicycle Club are yet again back in Newcastle to showcase their dazzling new album, A Different Kind Of Fix. They launched into fast paced new single, Shuffle which is a dynamic, slightly nostalgic and a brilliantly catchy song, which sets the pace for the rest of the set brilliantly. They spit out track after track; a choppy sea of percussion and guitars which was gulped down hungrily by the crowd. The band bring immeasurable zestful energy to their catchy riffs, bringing to life their songs. The group were also joined by backing singer Lucy Rose who featured on the new album, who possesses some of the waif-like allure of a Laura Marling. Flying into Cancel On Me the sold-out crowd dance themselves away, the melodies are confidently infectious and the crowd seems to be lapping it up. Front man Jack Steadman seems totally absorbed in the moment, jumping with endless energy. It’s hard to believe that this band has been on the radar for so long, and that Steadman in particular, with his deep, fragile tone has only just cracked his twenties. They also play some of their acoustic songs from album Flaws, such as Ivy and Gold which go down an absolute treat but it is good to hear the electric guitars return and there is something very 90’s about the whole ambience. Older tracks Dust On The Ground and Magnet prove to be an instant pleasers - energizing tonight's audience with melodies that creep through your veins. Walking off stage, the band has left a major impression on the audience who are undoubtedly thirsty for more.

By Sophie Stratford