IT IS hard to believe that less than two years ago, the “Brown bounce” propelled Labour to an election-winning lead. Days after entering Number 10, Gordon Brown was hailed for his hard work and seriousness, boosting his party’s fortunes in polls for both left and rightleaning newspapers. Yet now, in 2010, only a few months (or weeks) before the General Election, the Prime Minister is facing a desperate challenge to cling to power and has narrowly avoided a handful of attempted coups from his once-loyal backbenchers.

This collection of articles from the Guardian and the Observer – including profiles, analysis, leaders and news stories – charts Brown’s journey since taking over from Tony Blair in June 2007. It is a fascinating insight into the man behind the headlines, particularly his lastminute decision not to call a snap election while he was enjoying a honeymoon period with voters.

Recent polls suggest he may live to regret that.

Emily Ashton