Darlington actress Jade Byrne, whose stage tour of her play Pricks has been cut short by the ongoing pandemic, has gone back behind the camera for a show of a different kind.

Utilising her own, and adding further talents to her bow, Jade has launched a new online series called Prick Me Up, where she hosts a weekly YouTube live session with fellow Type 1 Diabetics both famous, and those not so.

Her first two sessions saw her learn "keepy-up" with Welsh Futsal International and founder of the Diabetes Football Community, Chris Bright, followed by learning a dance routine with fellow actress, Sunderland’s Nik Grundison.

Next up, however, and in keeping with the dance format of the previous show, Jade goes a little X Factor/Strictly with former EastEnders actor Jonny Labey. Speaking of her new show, and the upcoming appearance of Labey, Jade said: “Because of covid-19, the tour I was in the middle of with my show, Pricks, had to be cancelled along with my next tour in May.

“I felt that I needed to do something in order to keep me connected with the Type 1 Diabetes community but also cheer people up too.

“I decided having other Type 1’s teaching me something new each week on YouTube Live would be fun and it seems to be a success.

"To have someone of Jonny Labey’s stature on the show so early is a coup. I’m thrilled he is joining me.

“It’ll be at an earlier time of 3pm due to his schedule this week, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people tuned in.

“I will literally be finishing my radio show on Darlo Radio then going straight into my YouTube Live.

“We will also be taking your questions live and Jonny is teaching me a ‘Strictly’ style dance too.

“It’ll be a good laugh and isn’t to be missed.”

Find out more about Jade and her play via the website https://www.prickstheplay.co.uk/, Facebook and Twitter 

Prick Me Up is on Wednesdays from 8pm via YouTube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC2sZAUimEnhftPPBYHHCwiA/featured and searching for #PrickMeUp