YAMATO: the Drummers of Japan are heading to Middlesbrough Theatre on Wednesday, March 6 following their hugely successful 2017 tour.

The Teesside audience can experience Yamato’s innovative style combining traditional Taiko drumming with spectacle and athleticism.

Yamato formed in 1993 with the aim of preserving the tradition of Taiko drumming while exploring new possibilities for the majestic instrument, the wadiako, and to create endless opportunities for the rich reverberations to be heard worldwide.

Recognised as trailblazers in the Taiko world, Yamato has broken from the patriarchal confines of the style by including female drummers in the troupe from inception.

Since then, the troupe has performed in front of seven million people in more than 54 countries across the globe.

Perhaps more physically demanding that any other drumming style, performers must not only learn the traditional technique but also engage in an intensive endurance training programme.

Taiko drums can weigh up to half a ton and to strike them effectively requires the full strength of a well-trained body.

Yamato’s troupe starts each day with a 10km run and vigorous weight training to keep themselves in peak physical condition and maintain the fitness needed for their nightly 2 hour performances.

In this brand new show ‘Passion’ or ‘Jhonetsu’, the drummers will challenge themselves to their absolute limits both musically and physically. With a show designed to instil audiences with the exhilarating and explosive energy of Taiko, this promises to be their most ambitious and spectacular show to date.

Tickets are on sale now at the Middlesbrough Theatre Box Office on 01642 815181 or online at www.middlesbroughtheatre.co.uk