A RETAIL worker by day and hip-hop MC by night, one North-East woman has been making waves across the country ahead of her latest release.

Between the lines of ‘Raise a Glass’ can be found the honesty, attitude, perseverance and Teesside pride that characterise Leddie MC, the alter ego of Middlesbrough’s Lindsey Dixon.

With a broad 'Boro accent and a fine line in stylish trainers, the self-described "scholar of hip-hop" has spent 2018 stalking across stages at festivals and gigs across the country, representing the region and reflecting some of the issues at its heart.

The Northern Echo:

HIP HOP: Leddie MC, aka Lindsey Dixon

Leddie’s second album – released on Tuesday in collaboration with Teesside musician Alex Bailey – represents the icing on the cake for the 29-year-old after a year that has seen her propelled to the front and centre of the region’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, marrying along the way.

Since launching her debut solo album in 2017 and having songs played across a variety of radio stations, Leddie has attracted national attention and high profile fans, with the likes of Public Enemy’s Chuck D and American rappers Sage Francis and B Dolan expressing their support.

She performed with Francis and Dolan when they toured the UK last month and has also taken to the stage at events including Evolution, Music Box and Stockton Calling throughout festival season.

Leddie, who once used her time on stage to call Prime Minister Theresa May "a divvy", says she uses her platform to address the societal issues impacting on her hometown and is not afraid of taking to the stage to recount her own battles with mental health issues, weight-loss and frustration with the UK government.

She said Raise a Glass is a level above anything she has produced before and “a toast to my rollercoaster ride of a life”.

Leddie added: “I love representing Teesside, I love the accent, I love the area and – obviously – the parmo.

“Our accent is slowly being accepted within music and I believe it’s just a matter of time before Teesside becomes a hub of the best MCs in England.

“We make music for the working classes and if people don’t get it, the message was never intended for them anyway.”

For more information about Leddie and her music, visit leddiemc.co.uk.