SUSSEX-born singer songwriter Tom Odell took to the stage at Newcastle’s historic City Hall on Wednesday night to showcase hits from his latest album ‘Jubilee Road’.

The venue, which boasts an impressive seating capacity was packed with fans waiting eagerly to see what the 27 year old musician had in store.

The night kicked off with support from 26 year old Max Jury, who has toured with the likes of Lana Del Rey and Rufus Wainwright. His unique sound mirrored that of Odell, making him a very fitting support.

Odell took to the stage and opened the show with the title track from his new album, the slow but soulful ‘Jubilee Road’. Illuminated by a solo spotlight, Odell appeared to hit every key of the piano as he played hit after hit with complete passion and energy.

Moving on to hits ‘If You Wanna Love Somebody’, ‘Grow Old With Me’ and ‘Half As Good As You’, Odell had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand as he worked his way through four hit studio album’s worth of material, making it a night that fans both old and new could enjoy.

Odell had the audience captivated and it was hard not to lose yourself completely as he threw himself into each song with a passion I have never seen before, it was like he had become a part of the music rather than just performing it.

At one point in the show Odell joined the audience in the crowd as well as mounting his piano showing the vast contrast in this musicians ability to entertain a crowd.

I can’t recommend seeing him live enough, the show was a haunting mix of energy and soul that made it unforgettable and the audience was left wanting more as he took his final bow.

Sarah Smith