Today's TV

Autumnwatch New England (BBC2, 8pm)

NEW series. Every year the leaves of six billion trees across New England turn into a riot of yellows, reds and golds, and Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Gillian Burke have travelled to New Hampshire to beam this phenomenon back to the UK

They also introduce viewers to wildlife including moose, black bears, bobcats and beavers, as well as the more familiar red foxes, red and grey squirrels and deer. There is also a film of Chris and Michaela joining tourists on a whistle-stop tour of the classic New England sights.

Family Cooking Showdown (BBC2, 7pm)

WHEN the BBC lost the rights to broadcast The Great British Bake Off, it went looking for a show that could fill its space in the schedules - and in the nation's hearts.

So far it's still searching, because the first run of The Big Family Cooking Showdown, despite featuring Nadiya Hussain, Zoe Ball, Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Shrager, didn't have the desired recipe for success. Nevertheless it's back for another run, and things have been shaken up a wee bit. For a start, the aforementioned quartet have gone, to be replaced by 2017 Celebrity MasterChef champion Angellica Bell and award-winning chef Tommy Banks; they will act as presenters as well as judges. The competition gets under way tonight as two families go head-to-head in a series of challenges.

Barneys, Books and Bust Ups: 50 Years of the Booker Prize (BBC4, 9pm)

THE Man Booker Prize (as it is now known) is one of the world's most distinguished literary awards for fiction in the English language and is about to celebrate its 50th birthday.

However, as this documentary discovers, it didn't become a central part of Britain's cultural life without causing a few scandals, intrigues and an awful lot of gossip along the way. Here, former winners and judges share their stories of bruised egos and bickering panels, while also celebrating the Booker's track record when it comes to drawing attention to brilliant books.

Peter Kay's Comedy Shuffle (BBC1, regions vary)

NEW series. The comedian, actor, writer and director returns to look back over more memorable moments from his career, featuring clips from his TV shows, highlights from his numerous chat show appearances and his music videos.

This edition includes musings on the wonders of garlic bread, the scene in which Max and Paddy flattened a cow after their mobile home ran into it, and talent night down at the Phoenix Club for Brian Potter, and there is a special appearance by children's animated favourite Peppa Pig.

Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds (C4, 9pm)

WEEK three of the experiment at Lark Hill retirement home is all about memory, finding out whether the classmates can all remember one another's name well enough to write them out on the blackboard.

They also visit a local maze, which is then re-created to scale on the nursery floor and everyone has to try to recall the way out. Meanwhile new friendships start to blossom, as four-year-old Lily persuades 87-year-old Ken to swap his chips for her vegetables, while he bonds with 84-year-old Fred.

For Facts Sake (BBC1, regions vary)

WORKING with family and friends can put a strain on those relationships - but try telling that to Brendan O'Carroll.

The man best known for creating and playing Agnes in Mrs Brown's Boys loves nothing better than surrounding himself with familiar faces, and although his latest project sees him leave behind Agnes' wig and cardigan, at least temporarily, it still features some of his co-stars, including his son Danny and Danny's pal Paddy Houlihan, aka Buster Brady and Dermot Brown respectively. Here though they're team captains in an all-new comedy panel show about ordinary people and their extraordinary facts. Members of the studio audience are invited to participate, alongside a celebrity guest. The first episode features Kirsty Gallacher, while another Mrs Brown's boy, Pat 'Pepsi' Shields, appears as William Shakespeare.