EVER since she found out that Hayley was pregnant, Jean has done her best to support her - this week in EastEnders (BBC1), she even tries to convince the mum-to-be that there's no need to fret about all that heavy drinking she's been doing.

But when Hayley admits that she did some of her boozing in Spain, Jean starts to put two and two together with regards to the father and asks some unusually tough questions.

Hayley initially reacts by hitting the bottle (again), before doing something even more reckless and heading to the balcony of an abandoned tower block. Can Jean and Kat get through to her once more and talk her down?

Elsewhere, Martin learns some new information about the night of his school reunion, leaving Ruby even more reluctant to go to the police - until Stacey opens up about her experiences.

Sharon and Keanu realise they've been rumbled, and Dot returns from Ireland with some health worries, so she seeks a diagnosis from someone she can trust - Walford legend Doctor Legg.

Lately, soap characters have developed a habit of turning up after supposedly leaving for pastures new - as Kim Tate's reappearance in Emmerdale recently proves.

In Coronation Street (ITV), Jim McDonald also returned, and now it's Nick Tilsley who's back in town. It seems he's not bothered to keep in touch with his family either, because he has no idea about David's stint in prison for beating up Gary or that he considered taking his own life. Nick is suitably distraught and feels guilty for being so neglectful. He also tries to persuade Leanne to forgive him and taken him back - to Toyah's chagrin.

Elsewhere, Ali is questioned about Cormac's death and Ronan's crash and tells the police a pack of lies, while Peter reaches the end of his tether with Vicky.

Sinead discovers she has cervical cancer and confides in Ken, begging him not to tell Daniel, who has his heart set on his Masters course.

Victoria Investigates

In Emmerdale (ITV), Adam may have given the police the slip, but Victoria is a lot stubborner than Hotten PD and is determined to track him down.

After she fails to find any clues in the haulage office, she hires a private detective, Glen, who tells her that he's located Adam in Portugal and will give her more information in return for £5,000. However, his bona fides are called into question when Aaron, who is back from honeymoon, reveals to Matty and Robert that Adam recently contacted him - from Budapest.

Worried that Victoria is being ripped off, Matty snaffles the £5,000 from her bag before she can hand it over. But while he's saved her money has he put her life in danger as she heads off to meet Glen with no cash?

Elsewhere, Debbie, Faith and Charity can't help fearing the worst when Sarah goes in for her heart transplant operation.

Jacob seems to be growing a little too fond of Maya, Dr Cavanagh tells Bernice he's sick of all the secrecy, and Chas and Paddy face the difficult task of planning Grace's funeral.

In Hollyoaks (Channel 4), Glenn is out of hospital, but he'll be heading straight back there if the women of Hollyoaks have their way.

Grace's revenge plan involves stealing an ATM van full of money and manipulating Jay into killing her ex, but there are plenty of more willing accomplices around, especially after Glenn releases a video of Simone 'offering' sex for cash.

So, the WAGS (Women Against Glenn) put their heads together and come up with a scheme to get rid of him once and for all...

At least one Hollyoaks female seems to be on Glenn's side as Goldie offers to plan his birthday party - although to be fair, it's mainly so she can get close to Jesse.

Joel considers going back to the priesthood, while the doctors want to put Dee Dee into a coma - leaving Tony fearing that the first thing she hears when she comes back round will be Diane and Tegan arguing.

Donna Marie decides it's time James knew the truth, Jack and Breda attempt to hoodwink Leela, and Kim is ready to give Farrah and Hollyoaks up - but will a chance encounter with Rick Astley change her mind?

In Home and Away (Channel 5). Dean and Willow escape a spell inside, but have to do community service instead. Dean celebrates by having one too many, and Willow is left shaken.

Jasmine is jealous when Robbo and Tori announce that they are off to the city for a few days, but is far from impressed when she finds out why they went. Eventually, Tori and Robbo's first session with the IVF counsellor goes badly, leading to second thoughts for Tori.

Colby and Chelsea are forced to work closer together when McCarthy learns of their history, and when Brody gives Maggie some cookery lessons, it leads to a backlash from a resentful Mason.

With exams on the horizon, Coco and Raffy get on with some furious studying, but Coco is concerned about Ryder, who has let his revision slip, and it's time to pass the hankies when Alf sets his sights on a family funeral in Hawaii.

Robinsons at War

While in Neighbours (Channel 5), Paul is far from happy when he finds Leo and Terese in a passionate clinch. Before long Leo is the ex-Head of Business Affairs, and with Robinson on the warpath, it looks like things will get worse before they get better.

Cassius, you'd better stay away from Piper, because Aaron and Mark are on your case, and they're not happy.

There's good news for the Brennan family when they get word that Tyler is on his way home. Though he is thrilled to be free, Piper's relationship with Cassius leaves him torn.

Elsewhere, Rob and Amy fall out after she tells him that she has given Gary the cash, and although the latter is hopeful of romance with Amy, she soon nips that idea in the bud.

A wine-tasting event has interesting repercussions, and poor Sonya is having a hard time with a nursery in desperate need of attention.