WALFORD parties and strangers are usually a recipe for violence, and the latest is no exception in EastEnders (BBC1) as Martin, Ruby and Stacey attend his school reunion at E20.

Martin's friends Matt, Glenn and Ross help liven things up, and though Ruby takes a shine to Ross, things take a dark turn when she later passes out and realises she's been raped. However, when Martin bumps into Ross and Matt the next day, they claim the encounter was consensual.

Elsewhere, Ray overhears Carmel talking about trying to reduce knife crime, and suggests they meet to discuss ideas at the pub, which leaves Mel fuming. Her love/hate relationship with Ray eventually leads to dinner and a surprising proposition.

Whitney tells Tiffany to stop seeing Jagger, so the teen simply claims she's been dumped and carries on regardless, ensuring Whit is kept in the dark.

And poor, long-suffering Billy decides to meddle in Honey's love life, but his plan backfires.

In Coronation Street (ITV), if there's a wrong end of the stick to be grabbed, there's a good chance the folks of Weatherfield will clutch it with both hands.

Tracy just does that when she thinks Abi and Steve have been sleeping together, unaware they have been rehearsing dance moves for the wedding.

While Jim and Liz consider giving things another go, Hannah (boo hiss) attempts to blackmail Johnny into giving her cash or she'll tell Jenny about his fling. Poor Sinead keeps her poor health a secret from Daniel as they prepare to tie the knot.

Meanwhile, Michelle and her sons go on the run when a grieving Ronan sees red over the death of his lad. That leads to a car crash which could mean last orders for one of the Rovers regulars.

And you just knew Nick would be back after his near-death experience in quicksand a while ago. However, it remains to be seen whether he and Leanne will get back together - yet again.

All soaps have their standout villains, and Kim Tate ranks as one of the best in Emmerdale (ITV) history.

The good news is she's back to wreak more havoc almost 20 years after her last major storyline. And things are about to get a tad Eyes Wide Shut (with a better script and no dodgy scenes) thanks to the Home Farm charity masquerade ball.

It all begins when Joe arrives at the hospital, and stuns Debbie by guiding her to chapel and telling her they are getting married today.

Meanwhile, Graham meets a newly freed Ms Tate outside prison, and just watch those jaws drop towards the end of the week when a sports car pulls up and Kim steps out, declaring herself the true owner of Home Farm.

However, it's not long before the place looks like something from an Agatha Christie play when Kim is pushed downstairs.

In other news, Ross is about to attack Simon at Home Farm Lake when Moira confronts him. Blimey, there's never a dull moment in the Dales is there?