DAVID enjoys having Bethany at his beck and call over the Josh/Billy deceit, and Shona is pleased to see him back to his old self in Coronation Street (ITV).

Meanwhile, Ryan asks Sophie to back up his version of events regarding Cormac's death. Eventually Ryan is arrested and as incriminating pills were in his possession, things don't look good.

Elsewhere, a worried Sinead discovers there's a lump on her cervix. It's potentially cancerous, meaning she'd need chemotherapy and considers terminating her pregnancy. She winds up lying to her loved ones, but has no clue Daniel has planned an imminent wedding.

Kirk becomes fascinated by reports of a big cat, and goes in search of it. However, he has no idea his photos could help trap different sorts of predators: money-grabbers Hannah and Jim as they try to con money out of Johnny.

And poor Jack is having a hard time readjusting to school life. Bless him.

Mel Receives Bad Tidings

EastEnders (BBC One)

Gobsmacked by a bombshell about Ray, Hunter braces himself to tell Mel the truth about him. Though Ray can cover his tracks with the aid of a few drinks and a lot of charm, his attempts to win Mel over fall flat.

Meanwhile, Linda confesses to Sharon that she threw the gun in the canal to protect Mick. He later admits he considered killing psycho Stuart on the night of the shooting, but insists he's innocent. It seems Linda's not convinced; publicly severs all ties with him and goes back to The Vic, where she tells Halfway and the Carters that she isn't standing by him. But will everyone else side with her or Mick?

Sharon gets a crisis of conscience when she realises how old aspiring cabbie Keanu is. Could their romance finally be over, or will a car accident make her realise how much she needs him?

Elsewhere, Tiffany can't get no satisfaction from Jagger. Upset by a lack of attention, she enlists Bernadette's help to catch his eye. Best steer clear of him and his smirking gang Tiff, especially when he threatens Bernadette for meddling in their relationship.

Tears All-Round

Emmerdale (ITV)

Hankies at the ready for the most moving storyline of the week.

While Chas and Paddy are thrilled at Grace's birth, their happiness is short lived. The couple discuss all the things she will miss out on. Sadly she passes away in Chas' arms.

Their grief makes the rest of events at home and abroad look like light relief by comparison, such as when Moira tells Debbie and Charity that Cain has been arrested in France.

Elsewhere, David is thrilled when Maya agrees to live with him, but later stunned when he comes face to face with a blast from the past.

A gun-wielding Connor demands that Joe tells him where Graham is. Eventually the gravity of what he's done hits Joe like a load of bricks, and he leaves a message telling Connor not to hurt Graham.

While Bernice is guilt-wracked over a kiss with Dr Cavanagh, she tells him they can't go any further until she has ended things with Daz.

At least there is some happy news as Aaron and Robert share a moment before heading off to get married.The well-worn painkiller addiction storyline gets another airing Neighbours' (Channel 5) as Xanthe takes her concerns to Karl, and as a result, Aaron admits he has a problem.

Meanwhile, romance seems to bloom in the botanical gardens as Ned and Bea exchange a kiss, but then she gently lets him down, explaining that she is not ready for romance. Pavan and his mum Meena arrive from Sydney, but the latter is far from impressed with Mishti and cuts the trip short.

When Cassius reveals his plans for Piper's birthday, it's not long before they're in bed. However, he's less worried about duvet-wrestling and more concerned with nets - the sort that close in when he hears from his mother. Deciding to flee the country, he asks Piper to come with him.

And after sparks fly when Gary and Shane don't see eye to eye, Steph winds up withdrawing his permanent contract, which scuppers his chances of getting a bank loan.

Strewth. Even by Summer Bay standards, this week's trip in Home and Away (Channel 5) proves exhausting, as Robbo would probably agree.

When Tori asks him to be her sperm donor, he doesn't exactly jump at the chance. Poor bloke is probably knocked for six, so little wonder he needs some time to consider the proposal.

John forces Coco, Raffy and Ryder to talk through their problems, which leads to Coco and Ryder ending their relationship.

Mason is heartbroken when Dempsey tells him that she has booked a termination for next week, and although Maggie's sex drive has returned, Ben is not quite ready to resume intimate relations.

Elsewhere, Willow receives a subpoena to appear at Dean's trial, and she performs a vanishing act worthy of Harry Houdini, so Justin and Dean go looking for her, knowing that her testimony could ruin everything. Eventually Willow shows up at the police station and admits to her part in the break-in at Salt.

Sinead Faces New Trauma

A Bard Position

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo? Oh, you're back, and naturally you're trying to come up with another money-making scheme, along with Prince. (Just wait 'til you cross paths with your dad Romeo - then the spark will truly fly).

Later, Lily realises Romeo broke into James's flat. Little wonder she's keen for Romeo to move out asap. (We'd suggest she tells him he's Bard, but it would probably go over her head).

Meanwhile, Nancy is clearly a woman on a mission and tells Kyle that she won't stop until she tears Darren and Mandy apart.

Elsewhere, Damon receives a visiting order from Buster, and Brody visits him in prison - using Damon's ID.

Sienna and Liberty decide to live together; it's not long before nail varnish and boy chat are the hot topics for the new housemates.

And while a returning Joel is soon reunited with fiancee Cleo, a cash-strapped Donna-Marie needs money fast.