CONTRARY to that old hippie chestnut, “If you can remember the 1960s, you weren’t really there,” a lot of us actually were and remember that dreamlike decade with great affection. So, here’s your chance to re-live the magical, musical 1960s with six of the very best and most durable chart acts, with 50 UK Top 30 hits between them.

With world record sales exceeding 50 million, The Searchers distinctive sound and exquisite harmonies ensured their songs hit the charts. They’ve maintained their popularity with a fan base of all ages throughout the world.

The Merseybeats were another international success which assured Liverpool’s pole position on the music map. Their chart hits included Don’t Turn Round, Wishin & Hopin, Sorrow and I Think Of You.

P. J. Proby’s powerful, rich voice was unique in the 1960s music scene. He’s calling this his ‘farewell’ tour, but his hits Hold Me, Together, Somewhere and Maria will live on for many decades.

The Fortunes, much admired by their 1960s peers, still lead the field. Their chart successes still feature regularly on most radio stations around the world. Ever wondered who sang ‘The Real Thing’ for the Coca Cola advert? Yes, it was The Fortunes.

Love Affair’s vocalist Steve Ellis is universally accepted as having one of rock and soul’s finest voices. That distinctive style powered many hits and he will join the show.

Another gem is Vanity Fare, who sprang to UK, US and European fame in 1968.

n Sixties Gold, Gateshead, The Sage, Tuesday, November 6. For tickets call the ticket office on 0191-443-4661 or go to