LIKE so many soap killers before him, Lachlan (Emmerdale, ITV) is discovering that one murder frequently leads to another.

This week, he starts to suspect Liv is behind the texts and decides to silence her (and Robert, for good measure) by fiddling with the carbon monoxide detector in Mill Cottage. However, even the budding serial killer is horrified to realise that baby Seb is in there with them, and heads back to rescue his little cousin, while still leaving Liv and Robert for dead.

But his plan hits another snag when Rebecca, who is already living dangerously after stealing a car transporter and getting passionate with Ross, turns up. Before long, Lachlan is clutching a bloody spanner and has his new victim in the boot - but who is it?

Elsewhere, Dr Cavanagh's bedside manner is put to the test after David spends the night with Maya, and Matty agrees to stick around for a while.

Amelia is lashing out at the Spencers - although as Harriet points out, after losing her mum, discovering her uncle is her dad and being kidnapped, all in the space of about a month, you can't really blame her...

Few Walford villains have been quite so creepy or disturbing as Stuart, the 'best mate' from Hell who leaves Tina shaken to her core this week (EastEnders, BBC One). Because of you know who, she does a vanishing act, which gives her nearest and dearest cause for concern.

Meanwhile, it's a case of Carry on Cabby as Hayley takes the taxi out to earn some cash and picks-up a punter that Stuart chased out of The Vic. She reveals to the stranger that she's pregnant, and as he staggers out of the cab, he takes a picture of the registration plate. To her horror, it later becomes apparent that he's a copper.

Elsewhere, Donna asks Robbie to move in with her, and he jumps at the chance; Rainie tells her dealer that she wants to sever all ties, and Kandice goes to great lengths to avoid having to participate in her charity commitments.

When Johnny does a runner with baby Susie, Eva is understandably frantic, and the finger of suspicion points at Liz when the police think he has an accomplice (Coronation Street, ITV).

Meanwhile, a dodgy school bus arrives at the garage, and when Abi finds a stash of drugs, it sets in motion a chain of events that could endanger her chances of getting the kids back. With Eileen returning and Abi treating her home like a squat, there's little wonder she wants to throw the ex-junkie out on her ear, so Steve begs her to reconsider. She will, as long as he calls off his engagement to Tracy. Naturally, the psycho florist is far from happy when she realises Ms Grimshaw is trying to split them up.

Elsewhere, Kayla does her best to ruin Craig's career, and when Bethany tries to help him get it back on track, sparks fly between them. In less pressing news, Cathy and Brian decide to open a shop and Gemma is the centre of attention when Chesney attempts to confess his love for her, but is pipped to the post by Henry.