THERE are car shows and then there are car shows.

Fast and Furious Live is a true spectacle - a high octane combination of fast moving metal, performance art and drama that makes what you may have seen before seem tame by comparison.

The only downside of Friday night's performance was the size of the crowd - a packed out Arena would have been far more likely to whoop, cheer and holler with spontaneity. That's not to say that the devotees of this multi-multi million dollar franchise were not appreciative, just there were not enough of them to make for an atmosphere deserving of the event.

The show is part exposition, part theatre and part heartfelt homage - there were whistles, cheers and applause when the late Paul Walker made his first appearance on the screen.

Had it just been two hours of cars donutting around, it wouldn't have been half as memorable as it turned out to be - it needed more, much more and the huge team behind it delivered. How many times have you seen a partially submerged submarine duking it out with an outrageous muscle car in an arena setting?

This was just one of many highlights from a show billed as the most spectacular live production ever. I won't spoil the surprises but safe to say if you love cars you will love this, if you love excitement and action you will love this and if you love the movies, well then all this is a given. Just be prepared to go home smelling of petrol fumes.