A DEPARTMENT store celebrated International Women’s Day with a live performance from singer Eve Conway.

The live session at Binns, a House of Fraser store in Darlington, was just one of a number of events organised by clothing company Hallhuber, which also celebrated the day by pampering its customers.

The 22-year-old singer, from Darlington, said: “International Women’s Day means a lot to all of us ladies here because across the world there’s not many women who are represented with equality, we really wanted to come out and support the cause.”

Organising the event, Halluber manager Ashley Hemmingway said she wanted to shed some light on the sexual abuse scandal in Hollywood. She said: “International women’s day is so important especially at this time because of all the sexual abuse revealed in Hollywood. Everyone that works here is strong on women’s rights and wanted to get involved and support the cause.

Miss Hemmingway added: “Women are often are unrepresented and misrepresented.

"All of us at Hallhuber are supporting the cause here today to try and change that.”