CORONATION Street (ITV) is about to tackle one of the most sensitive storylines in its long history this week, as David suffers a terrible ordeal.

It all starts innocently enough as he joins his new friend Josh in tackling the driver of a car that Alya recognises from the attack on the garage. Following their heroics, Josh suggests they should embark on more 'adventures' together, beginning by meeting his mates for a few beers in town. However, the friends mysteriously fail to show up and when Josh spikes David's drink, the evening takes a very dark turn...

Elsewhere, Tyrone proves he's not really cut out for infidelity when Fiz finds a condom wrapper in their bedding and he admits to his one-night stand with Gemma. Tyrone feels terrible about his night of passion, but Fiz soon has her own reasons to feel guilty when she realises she was wrong about Ruby's bad behaviour.

Billy receives help from an unlikely source, Robert overhears Ali rowing with his legal mother, and Audrey meets a clairvoyant who claims to have a message from Gail's (multiple) dead husbands.

In EastEnders (BBC1), Ian is back from New Zealand and ready to make a fresh start - well, maybe not all that fresh as he seems to think his future includes one of the former Mrs Beales, Mel.

She's stunned when he suggests giving their relationship another go, probably because their disastrous marriage ended when she walked out on him during the wedding reception. However, she's not the only potential obstacle to Ian's happiness as he discovers what Masood has been up to in the chippy.

The Taylors get a blast from the past when Keegan's dad, Mitch, turns up. His son and Keanu may not be happy to see him, but Karen finds it harder to resist his charms. However, his return does lead to Keegan making a discovery about Keanu's biological father.

Patrick takes a break from playing chess to chat online to a former lady friend in Trinidad, and when he wins a bet, it seems he may be able to afford to talk to her in person.

Meanwhile, Big Mo returns to the Square with some shocking news concerning Kat.

We know Gabby and Liv can be trouble (Emmerdale, ITV), but they take it to a whole new level this week when they decide to spike Daz's drink with ketamine. The pair are confused when he seems unaffected, and it's only when Lisa collapses that they realise they put the drug in her pint by accident.

Lisa is rushed to hospital, where the doctor asks if she's taken anything - and Liv fails to speak up. But when Lisa then goes into cardiac arrest, will the teen come clean before it's too late?

The Dingles aren't the only ones who've been affected by Gabby and Liv's 'prank' as Vanessa and Paddy worry what will happen if anyone finds out that the ketamine was stolen from their surgery. After all that unpleasantness with Rhona a few years back, they should really keep a closer eye on their drugs...

Elsewhere, Rebecca is devastated to learn that she may have a brain injury, Chas tells Paddy she wants to have their baby, and Joe finally realises just how dangerous Debbie can be after discovering he was the intended victim of the acid attack.

What's the best way to ruin your wife's surprise birthday party? Perhaps reveal that your ex-lover has stolen your sperm and used it in an attempt to get pregnant (Neighbours, C5). It's certainly the kind of event that usually puts a dampener on things.

It's also what happens when Clive tells Karl that his sample is missing during Susan's bash. Surely he could have waited until another day to inform him of it?

Izzy is, of course, the culprit, and Susan is determined to take her to court over the matter - until she discovers that what she's done isn't technically a crime in Australia.

Over at the Robinson Heights development, Rafael's attempt to ruin Paul goes horribly wrong and leaves Leo trapped beneath a concrete block.

Terese supports Paige when she's called to give evidence at Louise's trial, Ben reconsiders Kirky's offer and Toadie has a mysterious visitor.