MICK must be ruing the day he ever got tangled up with Aidan (EastEnders, BBC1) as he wonders how he's going to get the drug dealers out of the Vic's toilets without landing himself in hospital.

Aidan hands him a wad of hush money, but it's going to take more than that to silence Linda as she takes matters into her own hands. Mick panics when he realises what she's done and makes a brave decision, but is it one the Carters will live to regret?

Wherever there's a troubled blonde in Walford, you'll usually find Jack Branning, and this week he comes to Mel's aid when she worries someone has broken into the club. However, Hunter isn't happy about the new man in his mum's life.

Hayley persuades Martin to keep Arthur and Hope out beyond their agreed home time, with disastrous consequences, Kim receives the DNA test results and Aidan pressures Keanu to hide a box in a coffin.

Meanwhile, Karen hopes that Louise, Bex and Tiffany can persuade Bernadette she should be out getting into trouble with friends her own age rather than playing chess with Ted.

In Emmerdale (ITV), Laurel is devastated when Ashley's window is smashed - and Zak is also pretty upset when he realises he's the one who accidentally broke it - but Bob the Amateur Builder is on hand to help her try to fix it. Or at least he is until the sexual tension becomes so overwhelming, he has to leave.

Later, Jimmy, who is feeling the pressures of his new job as Joe's fall guy, accidentally hits Laurel with his car. When Bob hears about the accident, he rushes to be at her side and they end up kissing. In fact, their clinch is so passionate, they fail to hear Brenda arrive...

Elsewhere, Chas is relieved when Paddy admits he knows she's pregnant, but she's left feeling awkward again when she realises that he wants to keep the baby - and she doesn't.

Priya loses her cool while looking after Eliza and Amba, and Victoria is also struggling with babysitting Rebecca.

Cain's intimate encounter with Moira is interrupted by his mum and Pollard, who are enjoying a flirty moment of their own. If that doesn't cool his ardour, nothing will...

Poor Billy (Coronation Street, ITV) has got himself into a terrible state. He's now hooked on methadone and needs another fix. Lee is the only one who can help him, but is he willing to do so?

It's terrible seeing Billy in such a mess, but the really sad part of his predicament is the impact it's having on Summer. She's falling so badly behind at school that her teachers get Geraldine involved, and so she manipulates Billy into allowing her more time with the youngster - to Eileen's horror.

Eileen, meanwhile, patches up her differences with Liz, who suggests they should throw a 'getting to know Pat' party so that she (and probably everyone else in the country) can find out what their friend sees in Phelan.

Craig's OCD may be exposed by an innocent comment from Liam, Sarah and Gary get back together, Bethany is arrested after attacking a lap-dancing customer, and Rana and Kate have a heart-to-heart.

Karl Kennedy is fast becoming Erinsborough's answer to Ken Barlow - he's been around a long time, has lots of children and has been riding the relationship rollercoaster for many years (Neighbours (C5).

Although Susan is his soulmate, Karl has had dalliances and even has a daughter with Izzy Hoyland who, of course, is back in town. She finally reveals what she's doing there - she wants Karl to father her next baby. Always the schemer, Izzy sets about driving a wedge between him and Susan - surely he wouldn't be foolish enough to fall for her nonsense again, would he?

Gabe's naming ceremony takes place and Paige is so impressed by Jack's commitment to it that she suggests they give their relationship another try. It's a shame that Terese's behaviour disappoints; depressed after being snubbed by Piper, she gets drunk and falls into a pond.

Meanwhile, Tyler is transferred to an Adelaide jail, Yashvi displays a flair for football and Rafael manipulates David.