AT long last, the truth about Carla (Coronation Street, ITV) comes out. She's convinced she's only got a short time left and is determined to live it to the full, which means spending intimate moments with Daniel (despite the fact her pleasure may eventually cause him pain when he discovers what's really going on) and drinking.

The problem is that just one alcoholic beverage leaves her drunk and disorderly, so when she collapses in the Rovers, everyone is disgusted by her behaviour - until Roy, ever the knight in shining armour, reveals the truth.

Later, Aidan puts on a brave face as he prepares to donate a kidney to his sister.

Rana is forced to make a tough choice when he parents discover she has fallen in love with another woman, and Chesney sticks up for Gemma after discovering what Henry really thinks of her.

Nicola resorts to desperate measures to prevent Phelan from finding out she's providing Seb with a safe haven.

In EastEnders (BBC1), life has seemed a little too settled for Billy Mitchell ever since Honey returned, but the curse of Walford's unluckiest man is about to strike again as he risks losing both his job and his family.

The trouble begins when Pam fires him for being unable to explain some strange goings on at the undertakers and Honey finds an item of unidentified sexy underwear in her laundry.

Rather than going for the simplest explanation and blaming the presence of the mysterious lingerie on Karen's incompetence at the launderette, Honey sets out to discover what Billy has been up to, and in the process uncovers the truth about his night of 'passion' with Tina...

Elsewhere, Mariam worries that Daisy's new adoptive parents are struggling to cope, while Arshad risks getting drawn into a different custody row when he spots Martin and Stacey arguing in the Square.

And Mel is delighted to be reunited with her son Hunter, but her joy is short lived when he discovers the truth about his father.

When even Ross (Emmerdale, ITV) thinks your criminal schemes are a bit too risky and tells you he wants out, it's probably a sign that you've gone too far. But when her ex bails on her revenge plan, Debbie simply gets Cain to do her evil bidding instead as she asks him to help her plant drugs on Joe. The plot fails after Graham gets wind of it, so Debbie cuts out the middle man and pays drug dealer Simon to attack Joe. Unfortunately, she doesn't count on Ross helping himself to Joe's car, or Simon throwing acid in the wrong man's face...

Elsewhere, Lachlan is relieved when Rebecca wakes up with no memory of the crash - but is her amnesia only temporary?

And community spirt is alive and well in Emmerdale this week as the villagers rally round to help rebuild Wishing Well Cottage and get Harriet her job back, even though she's admitted throwing a brick at Bishop Barry's car, which doesn't really seem like suitable behaviour for a vicar.

In Neighbours (C5), even when he appears to be on his best behaviour, you always know that Paul has another dodgy scheme up his sleeve that he's waiting to unleash on an unsuspecting world.

As a result, after receiving information from old acquaintance Sue Parker that could scupper the Robinson Heights project before it's even begun, he buys her silence by persuading Amy to offer Sue's son Jayden a job. Unfortunately, the arrangement doesn't work out quite as planned.

Tyler and Piper return home after visiting the site of her ordeal to find that her cat has been poisoned. Snyder planned it as a warning - but will his cruel trick work?

Mishti pressurises Fay into admitting she fabricated her confession to Hamish's murder, and Shane surprises everyone - including himself - by coming top in a biology quiz.

Rory makes a move on a vulnerable Aaron who reciprocates. The next day, he discovers the truth about him and ends their relationship - but it may be too late to save what he had with David.