LOCK up your coffins - Aidan's gang is coming out of hiding to find out where the money has gone (EastEnders, BBC1).

Phil suspects Ben may be behind it - until he discovers Mel has returned and is also after the cash. They eventually decide to team up to find the loot, and come to the joint conclusion that Mick had the strongest motive to pocket it.

To be fair, Mick has told his family he's got the cash to save the Vic, but it soon becomes clear that unless his luck suddenly changes, that's just wishful thinking...

Elsewhere, Martin is stunned when Stacey returns with the kids, seemingly hoping they can just act as if she didn't spend most of Christmas Day planning to leave him for Max. For once though, Martin isn't in a forgiving mood as he insists she can forget about getting the house - or the children.

Tiffany sets Whitney up on a date with Halfway, Masood is forced to come clean about his job, and Bernadette suffers a mishap at the launderette.

Did Bethany really believe that her loved ones would be fine about her working as a lap dancer? If the answer to that is yes, then she clearly knows nothing about Sarah, Gail and Audrey (Coronation Street, ITV).

Gary turns up at the club and Bethany makes sure the bouncers give him a good hiding, and even informs Sarah of her new job while claiming that Gary had tried to grope her.

Later, Sarah, Gail and Audrey turn up during a performance and are horrified by what they witness. Bethany feels humiliated, but unless she's given the sack, it seems unlikely she will back down - the teenager is, after all, a chip off the old block.

Anna's court case continues and thanks to a surprising turn of events, it seems that Phelan is going to get away with his actions scot-free; even Nicola turns up keen to make amends with him.

Toyah is devastated when the surrogate reveals she's lost the baby, Adam finds a way to punish Billy and Summer returns to Weatherfield.

The path of true love never runs smooth - so it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that David and Aaron's relationship is in trouble (Neighbours, C5).

The green-eyed monster raises its ugly head after David learns that Aaron met up with Rory in Paris, and although Aaron tries to assure him that nothing happened between them, David can't get the idea out of his head.

Paul then invites his son to join the steering committee of the new hospital wing, a move that renews David's confidence, take control of his life, and tell Aaron he's dumped. But is it a move he will live to regret?

Elsewhere, Piper lands a place at university in Queensland, and although studying would be a dream come true, she feels she can't leave Tyler in his hour of need.

Dipi plays cupid for Sheila, Shane gets bad advice from Leo, and Jack and Paige make a decision about Gabe's godparents.

In Emmerdale (ITV), Joe's family history should have told him that the Dingle women are dangerous, but he could be about to learn it for himself as Debbie heads up to Home Farm with a job lot of petrol cannisters. Cain and Ross realise what she's up to, but can they stop her?

Even if he escapes Debbie's wrath, Joe isn't out of the woods just yet as he later goes for a jog - and comes face to face with a gun-wielding man in a dog mask.

Elsewhere, Belle encourages Lachlan to organise Chrissie and Lawrence's funeral, but the teen seems more concerned with Robert's claims that Rebecca is showing signs of consciousness. His auntie isn't the only threat though, as Gerry's phone returns from the repair shop - complete with an incriminating voicemail...

Pollard is uncomfortable with being hailed as Faith's hero, mainly because it was really Graham who stopped the digger. Rhona misses out on Paddy at a charity auction so treats herself to Pete instead, while Vanessa is tired of Charity's games and Brenda fears Bob is still playing away.