To lose one child in a fatal fall from the Vic's roof may be regarded as a misfortune, but to lose two looks like carelessness. So, it's understandable that Max in EastEnders (BBC1) takes desperate measures this week to save Abi, despite the doctors - and Lauren - insisting that he needs to let her go.

It seems he's beginning to face the reality of the situation following some advice from a sympathetic nurse, but then a flat-pack cot is delivered for Abi and his grief overwhelms him once again. As Lauren prepares for her sister's life support to be switched off, will her father make it to the hospital to be at her side?

Elsewhere, Whitney postpones her trip to Wakefield to try to get to the bottom of what went on in Milton Keynes between Tiffany and Bianca. Masood gets a job at the Vic but lies to the Ahmeds that he's working at an estate agent's (how will they ever find out the truth?) and Dot returns to discover the launderette has reopened and is in the less-than-capable hands of Karen.

In Emmerdale (ITV), we don't normally think of Ross as a pillar of strength - he often scarpers at the first sign of trouble - but he's there to support Moira when the police inform her they have found a body that they think might be Adam's.

Sadly, that only adds to her guilt and she ends up blurting out the truth about what happened to Emma. Ross reverts to violent type, and Pete walks in to find his brother pinning their auntie against the wall - but when he finds out why, will he save Moira or lash out at her himself?

At least Cain can be relied on to stand by his ex as they end up sharing a passionate kiss - so it's probably not a great time for Harriet to be making any big decisions about their future.

Meanwhile, the villagers deal with the aftermath of the crash, and most of the Dingles head to Home Farm to discuss the development plans. Samson and Noah stay behind to play with their new VR headsets, which are so engrossing, the lads fail to hear a bulldozer turning up to Wishing Well Cottage...

Luke has a fool-proof plan in Hollyoaks (Channel 4) to avoid becoming a bigamist - and it doesn't involve coming clean to Mandy. Instead, he destroys her dress hoping it will force her to postpone the big day.

However, he risks ruining more than just their wedding as Mandy is so upset, she struggles to put on a united front when they meet with the social worker.

Grace is determined to assert her authority with Glenn through a combination of power dressing and hiring Jesse as a delivery driver. Unfortunately, she soon regrets getting involved in recruitment when it turns out that her brother will be transporting drugs.

Courtney is also having trouble with social services thanks to controlling Granny Campbell, while Darcy has plans for Tom's inheritance. Scott orders Damon to support Maggie in her hour of need, Ryan confronts Ste about being back on drugs, and Simone is understandably furious when Shane lets himself into her flat to watch TV - but could some of the tension between them be sexual?

Once again in Coronation Street (ITV), Phelan is at the centre of matters down Weatherfield way. But as Anna's court case is looming, maybe this is the beginning of the end. Let's hope so.

Eileen visits Anna in prison again and their conversation puts a few doubts in Eileen's mind, inspiring her to launch her own investigation into her husband's actions and whereabouts around the time of Luke's murder. Clearly she isn't Corrie's answer to Sherlock Holmes because what she learns puts her mind at rest.

Gary then begs Seb to help Anna, but he's too frightened to do so. However, he does tell Gary about Phelan's involvement in Luke's demise, which sets in motion an alarming series of events.

Craig discovers that Bethany has become a lap-dancer, putting their relationship in jeopardy, while Simon is expelled for selling vodka at school.

Toyah worries that Peter may leave her for Carla, and Billy is released from hospital.