IT'S the week of Chesney and Sinead's wedding in Coronation Street (ITV) - but will the event go ahead?

No soapland marriage ceremony has ever gone without some kind of problem, so it should come as no surprise to find that both the bride and groom have their doubts - the groom because he knows that Sinead isn't 100 per cent behind the relationship, and the bride because she's still spending most of her time swooning over Daniel Barlow. Well, somebody has to.

Nevertheless both parties arrive at the register office. Chesney's a bag of nerves, while Carla sticks her oar in, telling Daniel he should make his feelings for Sinead known before it's too late.

Carla's home in Dorset also looks set to become a safe haven for Kate, who needs some space to deal with her feelings for Rana, while Simon turns conman and steals alcohol.

Meanwhile, Seb tells Eileen about his suspicions, so she visits Anna to hear her side of the Phelan saga.

There's still a lot of fallout from Christmas and New Year to deal with in EastEnders (BBC1), but it's also a week of comebacks in the Square as two familiar faces return - and one of them belongs to Mel Owen (aka Tamzin Outhwaite).

The last time viewers saw her was in 2002, when she skipped bail (posted by one Phil Mitchell) and headed off to start a new life in Portugal. So what would bring her back to Walford? And how will Ian react to seeing his second wife?

Meanwhile, Whitney is pondering her future in the Square when she's reunited with her little sort-of sister Tiffany, who quickly proves she inherited more than just Bianca's red hair and love of puffer jackets as she sets about causing mischief. But does she have an ulterior motive for dropping by?

Elsewhere, Masood proudly tells Ian about his successful new life, but it isn't long before his luck runs out again, while the Ahmed family is thrown into turmoil.

And as Karen continues to struggle to make ends meet, she is forced to fight for her family's future.

In Emmerdale (ITV) Robert certainly gets his money's worth this week when he hires a private investigator to find out if the Whites are hiding anything - and the detective informs him that the family are planning to emigrate to Australia.

Lachlan is also struggling with the idea of the moving to the other side of the world, so Chrissie convinces Belle to break up with him to give him one less reason to stay. But as the family pack up to leave, Robert snatches Seb and drives off with him. The Whites give chase, only for Lachlan to reveal that he knows what Chrissie said to Belle and make a grab for the steering wheel, sending the vehicle into the path of an oncoming lorry...

Elsewhere, Bob decides that Brenda (not Laurel) is the woman for him and leaves a her a trail of clues to follow. He plans to propose at the end of the treasure hunt, but will Brenda bother to find him?

Over at Butlers, Pete is touched by Moira's kindness towards him and Ross (well, she does have a reason to feel guilty), while DS Benton arrives with devastating news.

In Hollyoaks (Channel 4) it's a big week for the Hutchinsons and Maaliks as their fates collide in a tunnel...

Tony already has a lot on his mind after he tells Diane that he wants Harry to move back in, and she responds by threatening to leave unless he turns his son into the police. James and Harry are also afraid that an incriminating conversation has been overheard, so when DS Thorpe later turns up at Tony's flat, what exactly does he want?

Meanwhile, Misbah realises that she's been too hard on Yasmine and hopes to make amends with a family cricket match. Unfortunately, on the drive home, there's an argument between Farrah, Sami and Kim that ends in Misbah losing control of the car.

Tony and Diane, who were en route to her sister's, are caught up in devastation, but as a lorry heads towards the Maaliks, will everyone make it out of the tunnel?

Elsewhere, Brody accompanies Maggie to the hospital, but Scott gets entirely the wrong idea when he sees them sharing a supportive hug. And to make matters worse, he wants to share his theory with Damon...