Peter was never going to take the news that Billy was responsible for his sister's death calmly, this week in Coronation Street (ITV), but would he really take revenge by bumping him off?

He shoves Billy into his car boot and threatens to let the car roll off a cliff. Later he confesses to Ken what he's done and tells the family exactly why. Ken - usually a moral compass these days - informs his loved ones that they should pretend to know nothing about Billy's 'accident'.

Billy, however, isn't well, but he's definitely not dead. Eileen mounts a bedside vigil, and thanks to a note left behind by Todd, he becomes convinced that his so-called friend knew all about his mother's death, and joins forces with Geraldine to bring him down.

Carla is back on the Street and is clearly hiding something, while Amy and Simon try to make sure that Steve and Tracy never get back together, and Alya discovers the shocking truth about the factory's new client.

In EastEnders (BBC1) ten years ago, Stacey's Christmas was ruined when the Brannings sat down to watch a DVD of her snogging her father-in-law, but it seems she still hasn't learned her lesson about spending the festive season with Max.

Abi and Lauren make it clear they want nothing to do with him, so he turns to Stacey instead - much to her husband's annoyance. But Max is going to face bigger problems than Martin when Karen finds Stacey's stolen phone among Chatham and Riley's stash and sets out to return it to its rightful owner - complete with Jane's voicemails.

It seems Max is about to suffer the ultimate downfall as the Brannings' world is ripped apart...

Elsewhere, Mick decides to drop out of Aidan's job, only for the jailbird to turn up with another 'present'. As the Carters prepare for their vow renewal, Aidan explains that the gift was a gun - and he's called the police to tip them off about its presence at the Vic. Will the threats and Linda's obvious unhappiness at leaving her home convince Mick to go through with the heist after all?

Meanwhile, Fi is disgusted at the extent of her family's deception and Karen reaches out to her sister Kandice.

After everything he's done this year, in Emmerdale (ITV), Robert must be expecting to be on Santa's naughty list - but it seems he's going to learn an even harsher festive lesson as he wakes up to a surreal Christmas Day in the village, where nothing is quite as it should be.

But then he wakes up again - and again - each time to a different reality, leaving him unsure whether or not he's dreaming. What can he do to escape this cross between Groundhog Day and A Christmas Carol?

At least back in the 'real' world, it seems one person is softening towards Emmerdale's Scrooge, as Rebecca is struck by Robert's emotional response to a thank you card for his presents for Seb.

However, Aaron may finally be moving on from his ex as, following some sympathetic words from Faith, he opens up to Alex about his scars and his history of self-harm.

An emotional Moira vows to be there for both her sons, Zak hopes some fake paperwork will help the Dingles keep their home and Morris has a proposition for Jimmy and Nicola.

Long-term viewers of Hollyoaks (Channel 4) should prepare to feel old as Tom turns 18 - and Darcy decides to help him celebrate after learning he's about to come into a seven-figure trust fund.

Meanwhile, Christmas is supposedly a time for family, but poor Courtney would probably be much happier if she could spend it as far away as possible from Granny Campbell. Her grandmother seems to be on a mission to undermine her - and Courtney ends up venting her frustrations on the people who do have her best interest at heart.

Maggie invites Damon to join her and Brody on a cruise, but knowing how insecure Scott is feeling, he insists that he'll only go along if his brother can come too. Would Damon feel differently if he knew Maggie has been diagnosed with cancer?

And Sienna tells Joel that if he still has feelings for Cleo, he should try to win her back, while Adam offers Esther similar advice about Grace.