Mick doesn't really seem cut out for a life of crime - this week in EastEnders (BBC1), he even misses an important heist-planning meeting because he's helping Linda sort out their vow renewal, which isn't something you normally see in Hollywood thrillers.

So, will receiving an early Christmas present from Aidan make him realise the seriousness of the situation? And how will Linda react when she later mistakes the package for her gift from Mick and takes a sneaky peek?

Meanwhile, Max is keen to know what Aidan and Phil are up to and presses Bernadette for answers. And when he's not putting the frighteners on teenage girls, the increasingly unhinged Max also finds time to give Ian a sinister warning.

Ian gets another shock this week when he catches Lauren kissing Josh, which rather scuppers her plan to wait until after Christmas before telling him that she's moving to Glasgow with her new boyfriend.

Billy spots Tina buying a pregnancy test, Kim pressures Vincent to try for another baby, and Donna is hurt when she thinks Robbie bought her an offensive Secret Santa present - and gets her own back by publicly blurting out that the market is closing.

In Emmerdale (ITV) festive spirit could be in short supply in the village this Christmas as the police make an arrest in connection with Emma's murder and another resident comes close to revealing a devastating secret.

Meanwhile, she may not have killed anyone (that we know of) but Bernice's conscience finally gets the better of her when she sees how hard-up Lydia is, and she comes clean about the inheritance. But will knowing that her mum's a thief send Dee Dee running back Down Under?

Aaron's uncomfortable when Alex invites him back to his place, but is it because his heart isn't really in this new relationship, or because he's worried that if one thing leads to another he'll have to expose his scars?

Robert will be hoping it's the former as he's jealous to spot his ex and Alex together in the pub. Already feeling low after Lawrence rejected his Christmas presents for Seb, Robert reacts by hitting the bottle and then stumbling alone along one of Emmerdale's notoriously dangerous roads...

Elsewhere, Debbie and Tom enjoy a break from the kids.

There's comedy and despair for Billy this week in Coronation Street (ITV).

He starts out by playing cupid for Eva and Adam - isn't it time they either got together or gave up their prospective relationship and moved on? He brings them together by asking them to help out in the grotto, dressed as an elf and a sexy reindeer (we'll leave you to make your mind up which is which). However, Santa Brian ends up making the whole thing even worse by upsetting the youngsters who've come to visit him.

Billy is also due in court, and Peter agrees to read his victim impact statement, in which he states that Billy doesn't deserve to go to prison. As they're leaving, a fight breaks out and the duo try to break it up, during which Billy is injured. As he begins to bleed out, he makes a shocking confession leaving Peter with a dilemma.

Elsewhere, Carla makes a dramatic return, Leanne has a disastrous date and booze has an odd impact on Steve and Tracy.

In Hollyoaks (Channel 4) Christmas is turning out to be a particularly stressful time for Ryan as he learns that Amy's murder case is being reopened and then later collapses. However, Tegan sees the lighter side of his health crisis and decides to have a bit of fun by using his hospital heart monitor to conduct her own lie detector test. But will she still be laughing when she sees the results?

James offers a battered and bruised Harry a place to stay, while Ste has to decide if he can forgive his ex for what he thinks he did to Amy.

Luke fears the worst when Mandy rushes off following their night together, while Tony and Diane manage to get in to an argument at the carol concert.

Milo is worried when Armstrong gets back in touch, Cleo makes a discovery about Maggie, and Misbah gets Imran a job.

Meanwhile, Jesse leaves Courtney a card, confessing his love for her, but when she subsequently goes into labour, he decides to make the declaration face to face.