EVOLUTION will showcase the perpetual creative evolution of taiko performing arts ensemble Kodo under the direction of Kabuki Luminary, Tamasaburo Bando.

Over the past three years, the Kodo One Earth Tour productions Mystery (2013), Eternity (2014), and Chaos (2015) have intentionally excluded the most iconic symbol of the ensemble: the o-daiko, or big drum. Instead, these past three years of performances have presented Kodo’s next generation performing new compositions, a telling sign of the group's determination to move forward.

The latest production, Evolution, begins by taking a look back at the innovative repertoire composed under the guidance of Artistic Director Tamasaburo Bando between 2009 and 2013.

Exploring the limitless possibilities of the traditional Japanese drum, the taiko, Kodo is forging new directions for a vibrant living art-form. It strives to both preserve and re-interpret traditional Japanese performing arts.

Kodo, One Earth Tour, Sage One, Gateshead, Wednesday, February 7, 7.30pm. Tickets at http://sagegateshead.com/event/kodo-one-earth-tour-2018/