EVERYONE now knows that Max has been working with Willmott-Brown (EastEnders, BBC1) as part of a dastardly plan to redevelop Walford - well, everyone apart from Abi, who has to learn about it from Kathy and Tina - but he's still got plenty of other secrets and lies just waiting to come out. How will the rest of the Branning family react when they are revealed this week?

Meanwhile, Ian steels himself to tell his mother the identity of the cafe's buyer, but is interrupted by the news that Ben is in hospital. Kathy is furious to discover that Luke is responsible, but will she discover that not every member of the Willmott-Brown family is rotten to the core when Fi visits her in search of answers about her father's past?

Elsewhere, Phil deals with his anger over Ben's injuries by putting a call into Aidan. Vincent is also keen to keep the newcomer on side, but Aidan seems more interested in befriending Mick.

And we can't even rely on Kim to lighten the mood this week as she receives devastating news from the doctor.

It's going to be lonely - and grief-stricken - this Christmas for Sarah and Anna (Coronation Street, ITV) if news from Ukraine turns out to be true.

Joe calls to say that there's been an explosion, and Gary is feared dead. Initially she refuses to believe it, until she hears that his St Christopher has been found in the rubble. She and Tim bravely visit Anna in prison to break the news; she is, understandably, distraught and has to be restrained by a guard.

Phelan tells Nicola what's happened too, and she's eventually forced to tell David that she's carrying Gary's baby - but will he inform his heartbroken sister?

Mary is also upset - Jude says he resents her for giving him up as a baby and is going to return to South Africa with his family. However, their plans may be forced to change when Bethany returns from walking with George to report that the baby is ill again.

Elsewhere, Robert opens up to Michelle, Luke suspects something has happened to Andy and Rana's web of deceit grows.

Pete's been through so much lately, it's no wonder Leyla doesn't have the heart to tell him she'd rather be with David - so Tracy inadvertently does it for her (Emmerdale, ITV).

It leads to a row that ends in Pete punching his love rival in the face after David makes a comment about the Bartons, but he soon faces another reminder of his family's troubles when the subject of Emma's funeral arises. Rather than ringing around the local undertakers, Pete deals with the situation by getting drunk and falling down the stairs at Dale View. Is Ross about to lose yet another relative as he returns to find his brother in an unconscious heap?

Meanwhile, her ex's row with David encourages Leyla to come clean about her feelings, much to Tracy's fury, and Harriet gets a cold reception when she attempts to minister to the Bartons.

Liv sets Aaron up with doctor Alex, Pollard and Faith break into Morris' house in search of a compromising email, and it's a sad week for the canine residents of Emmerdale as the Dingles' dog Alfie collapses and Jai is forced to say goodbye to Tip.

It's the week before Ramsay Street's residents take their winter break, but there's still time for some festive fun (Neighbours, C5).

Yashvi is in the thick of things, trying to help Kirsha deal with her hearing loss before inviting Toadie and Shane's mother Angie over for the Christmas party - what she doesn't realise is that Angie is the last person Sonya wants to see.

When the matriarch does eventually arrive, she's horrified that nobody bothered to tell her that Toadie and Sonya were back together, and it's up to Dipi to calm her down. She does it just in time too so that everyone has a smile on their face when Sonya announces she's organised for her and her husband to renew their vows. Bless.

Meanwhile, Paul knocks two penthouses together so that he and his family can live together - whether they want to or not - Tyler realises it's time he came clean about Hamish's death and Paige is frantic when Gabe is taken from his pram.